Pike spinnerbait: 5 essential spinnerbaits for pike fishing

The spinnerbait is a versatile lure designed for pike fishing. The spinnerbait is a considerable asset for picking up pike in obstacles or vegetation at the start of the season or during the summer. Long set aside in France because of unsuitable sizes and weights, spinnerbait now responds perfectly to the constraints of pike fishing. It is for this reason that we we wanted you select 5 pike spinnerbaits essentials that have proven themselves over the years.

Spinnerbait brochet : 5 spinnerbaits indispensables pour le brochet

Deps B-Custom: a slow rolling spinnerbait suitable for pike

Deps B-Custom : un spinnerbait solide taillé pour le brochet

The Deps B-CUSTOM is a special slow rolling spinnerbait, ideal for prospecting water columns up to 3 meters. Its head is particularly large in order to give maximum resistance to water and thus produce maximum turbulence. This peculiarity makes it an ideal spinnerbait to attract the attention of the pike. Its size, weight and solidity make it a weapon of choice in the search for pike as it is strong and efficient. A small point that annoys, the silicone skirt is held by a simple elastic. It is therefore imperative to change it under penalty of losing it quickly after a few pikes ...

OSP Typhoon: the benchmark pike spinnerbait

OSP Typhoon : le spinnerbait brochet de référence

The OSP Typhoon is an exceptional spinnerbait ideal for pike fishing. With a tail pallet N ° 7 on the 1 oz (28gr) model, the Typhoonse positions itself among the most voluminous spinnerbaits on the market. Enough to attract the biggest pike. Despite its impressive measurements, it remains very fluid and its draft remains measured even in 5 meters of water thanks to the particular profile of its pallets.

The Typhoon also works very well in slow rolling. However, the size of its paddles requires fishing taut on the descent to trigger their rotation.

Fox Rage Pike Spinnerbait

Fox Rage Pike Spinnerbait

This spinnerbait signed Fox Rage is very versatile and appeals to both pike and other types of predators. It produces a large volume of visual and vibratory signals. It can be used both alone and in conjunction with a soft lure in a trailer. For pike fishing, we recommend the size in 28g

Megabass Super V-Flat: a classic among classics

Megabass Super V-Flat : un classique parmi les classiques

The special feature of the Megabass Super V-Flat is its extremely compact design. In addition, the shape of its weight gives it enormous rolling, unusual on compact spinnerbaits. This makes it an asset in our pike fishery.

The curvature of the lower part, very flexible, maximizes the catch when the pike timidly attack the spinnerbait. The shape of the head, largely inspired by that of the original Megabass V Flat, has been revised to pass even better in obstacles and grass beds. This makes it an even more versatile spinnerbait, allowing pike to be found in the depths of obstacles.

Booyah Super Shad

Booyah Super Shad

With its ball swivel and 4 willow leaf paddles, this spinnerbait perfectly imitates a group of small fish. With multiple vibrations and at different frequencies, the Booyah Super Shad is a spinnerbait that strongly intrigues all types of predators, including pike.

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