Learn to Fish with a Fishing Guide: Improve with a Professional

What fish to catch? How to fish it? With what material? Which technique to use? What season? In lake, river or sea? These are all questions that can be asked when you are a beginner fisherman or simply a person wishing to learn to fish. 

Apprendre à pêcher avec un guide de pêche

The majority of fishermen were introduced to this practice at an early age, most often through their families. Some have tried the fishing club or the association to benefit from the experience of fishermen. Others, more self-taught, prefer books, specialized magazines, DVDs, television channels or even Youtube to acquire theoretical knowledge.

However, we often forget that we can also take lessons from a fishing guide instructor from his region or when he goes on vacation to learn to fish. Nothing like practice to learn fly fishing, lure fishing or sea fishing.

Surrounding yourself with a fishing guide is a quick and above all very effective solution to discover and learn about fishing.

The fishing guide, the best way to learn to fish quickly and efficiently

Beyond his passion for fishing, a fishing instructor-guide is above all a qualified professional recognized by the State. In addition to his own experience as a fisherman, his training will have enabled him to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to supervise several people to learn to fish or improve in a fishing technique.

Some of them have also chosen to specialize in a technique, a given environment or even a particular species. Their skill level is therefore increased and will be able to meet your desires, whether you are a novice or even an experienced fisherman.

These professionals have chosen to make their passion their profession. Their goal is to transmit their knowledge, experience, techniques but also their natural and fishing heritage, while demonstrating pedagogy to help you progress as quickly as possible.

What better way to be able to learn to fish than to do it in the company of an enthusiast who has made fishing his profession and who wishes to pass on his knowledge to anyone wishing to try their hand at this sport.

How do I find a fishing guide that meets my expectations?

Now that you have made your choice to go with a fishing guide, all that remains is to find the one who will meet your expectations. To find this person, Rodmaps suggests that you use selection criteria that meet your level and your expectations, such as:

- Geographical location: whether it is the city, the department or the region

- Your fishing level: beginner, intermediate or advanced

- The duration of the desired guidance: from the evening to several days

- The desired fishing technique if you have one in mind: lure fishing, fly fishing, big game fishing, ...

- The type of fish you want to catch: trout, predators, sea bass, tuna or carp

- The environment: In lake, river or sea

Do not hesitate to play with all the filters to find the shoe that suits you!
The internal messaging system will allow you to ask any questions you deem useful to clarify about the proposed guidance offers in order to definitively validate your choice.

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced fisherman, finding a fishing guide in France to learn how to fish is now accessible to everyone.

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