About Rodmaps

Rodmaps, the first booking platform for tourist offers dedicated to fishing, throughout France

Rodmaps is a platform that connects the main players in fishing tourism with anyone interested in this type of experience.

Enthusiasts, occasional fishermen and amateurs will finally have the possibility of easily finding fishing spots, accommodation and accompanying professionals, according to their levels, availability, desired fishing practices and financial means, and this everywhere in mainland France.

Rodmaps is above all the story of Nicolas and Matthieu, two friends passionate about fishing.

Since our childhood, our passion has led us to travel through France and to go around the world in search of adventure and trophy fish. The idea for this project came from a simple observation: the impossibility for a fisherman, novice or expert, to find exhaustive and immediate information on tourist offers dedicated to fishing in France. The lack of referral sites, transparency to compare offers and the lack of customer reviews made the mission almost impossible. On the other hand, we have noticed that the thousands of players who revolve around this activity that represents fishing tourism are struggling today to emerge on the internet and communicate their offers, often for lack of time and medium, technical or financial.

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Our objective, to promote the fishing world in France

For us, the peach is a great way toevasion and of discovery of our Cultural Heritagenatural and halieutic. Fishing is not a simple individual pleasure but well and good a passiona hobbya sport which must be shared. Sharing is for us THE fundamental value that makes the quality of a fisherman. It is also the essential reason why we wanted to create Rodmaps.

Through Rodmaps and our blog , we wish promote the world of fishing to as many people as possible and pass on, through our partners, values that are dear to us such as the protection of fish resources, respect for flora and fauna or even respect for all natural resources.