Jerkbait brochet : Notre sélection de 5 jerkbaits pour le brochet

The jerkbait is in our opinion the hard lure par excellence dedicated to pike fishing. Initially intended for tracking northern pike in gigantic bodies of water in northern Europe, it has conquered our territory for several years, to the delight of fishermen. This lure will be a considerable asset in your pike fishing, regardless of the waterway. We wanted you select 5 pike jerkbaits essentials that have proven themselves over the years.

Jerkbait brochet : notre sélection de 5 jerkbaits pour le brochet

Buster Jerk: The benchmark for pike jerkbait

Comment ne pas parler de jerkabit à brochet sans faire référence au Buster Jerk ? On ne compte plus les brochets records que ce jerkbait a pris depuis son lancement. The Buster Jerk is quite simply a reference jerkbait that you cannot do without for pike fishing.

With its so special sound and its ability to offset at the slightest blows of the tip, this jerkbait attracts by far the most curious pike as the most educated.

Buster Jerk : La référence du jerkbait brochet

Mesurant 15 cm pour 75g pour le modèle d’origine, le volume de son corps permet de bouger beaucoup d’eau et en fait une solhouette imposante pour les prédateurs.

This pike jerkbait is very easy to animate and will respond immediately to the slightest request of the rod.

We advise you to animate it with dry and fast twitches to make it swim tightly if you observe active fish.

On the other hand, when fishing is slow and the waters are colder, favor long jerks followed by breaks. The hit usually occurs during this last phase.

It is also possible to bring it straight back, which will give it a very gentle S-stroke.

Megabass Vision 110: A classic among the classics

The effectiveness of this jerkbait is no longer to be proven, both on pike and on other predatory fish. Developped by Yuki Ito in 2000, ce jerkbait s’est rapidement imposé comme l’un des poissons nageurs références de sa catégorie. Le Megabass Vision 110 est un très bon jerkbait à brochet car very versatile in its swimming. It can therefore adapt to all situations and be reduced to linear, fast or very slow jerks.

Megabass Vision 110 : Un classique parmi les classiques

Par ailleurs, le Vision 110 a été savamment étudié pour pouvoir change the visual aspect at the slightest acceleration thanks to the work done on form and colors. We have noticed that this detail, among many others, can trigger more fish than a “conventional” pike jerkbait.

Measuring 11 cm for 14 g, the slender line of this lure and its stroke combining wobbling and rolling perfectly imitates a bleak or an injured roach.

In order to comply with the legislation of our waters, be sure to remove the triple from the middle. This will not affect the swimming of this jerkbait.

Salmo Slider: A legendary pike jerkbait

Like his colleague Buster Jerk, the Salmo Slider est aussi un jerkbait à brochet de légende. The peculiarity of this lure lies in its ease of animation but also by its shock resistance. Indeed, it comes alive at the slightest request in short jerks interspersed with pauses or in linear. Also, no matter how many pike attacks this jerkbait will experience, it will remain mostly intact. Finally, its natural colors and its small size make it merge with the small prey targeted by pike.

Salmo Slider : Un jerkbait brochet de légende

There are just no bad ways to animate this pike jerkbait. Just launch it, animate it and the keys will not be long in coming. The pike will make short work of it.

Strike Pro Gupie: a very effective hydride jerkbait on pike

The Guppie est historiquement un leurre très exclusif, connu par peu de pêcheurs. Il était en effet à l’époque distribué uniquement lors de salons de pêche. Il a su sortir de l’anonymat grâce au partenariat créé entre la société TrueGlide et Strike Pro, pour le plus grand bonheur des pêcheurs. La forme compacte de ce jerkbait dédié à la pêche du brochet lui assure une grande efficacité de l’animation avec une action en S très prononcée.

Strike Pro Gupie : un jerkbait hydride très efficace sur le brochet

The balance of the decoy is made in such a way that it descends horizontally by oscillating sides in order to return bright flashes in all directions. The grub-shaped tail allows for a change of swimming compared to a classic pike jerkbait and imparts an additional vibration to the lure, little known to pike.

Lucky Craft BFreeze: a safe bet

B 'Freeze by Lucky Craft is a revolutionary jerkbait for pike and all other predator species. By animating it with short twitches, this lure is offset and thus perfectly simulates an injured or dying fish.

Lucky Craft BFreeze : une valeur sûre

Its very low center of gravity allows this jerkbait to vibrate and oscillate even when the recovery is stopped and the lure is stopped. Among the many models and colors available for years, you will easily find one that perfectly mimics the type of forage fish sought by pike. A combination of action and imitation that makes B'Freeze a classic in jerkbait pike fishing.

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