Casting or spinning: which choice to adopt?

Casting ou spinning ?

Many of you are wondering how to choose between a casting or a spinning set. These two types of ensemble present in fact two styles but also different fishing techniques.

To help you better understand the key features and benefits of a casting or spinning rod, here is an article that may enlighten you.

The casting rod

Canne Casting vs spinning

Casting or “baitcasting” rods have been more and more popular in recent years in France. A casting assembly is composed of a spinning reel rotating on its axis. Thus, the crank acts directly on the spool and makes it possible to reduce the number of parts (and therefore the weight) of the casting reel. The reel is attached to the rod from above, as well as all the rings.

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A casting rod requires more learning time, especially because of the reel. Indeed, each throw must be controlled with the thumb in order to prevent the reel from continuing to spin on itself and creating what are called wigs ...

Mastering a casting set will however lead to better casting precision, setting your lure and therefore discretion. Once the technique is well understood, it results in better precision and speed of execution of the throws.

The wire being in the direct axis of the crank the whole provides more sensations during the animation of the lure, the attack and the fight.

The equipment, often more robust, also makes it easier to fish with larger lures such as big baits.

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However, it is often more difficult to fish finely and cast small lures. Speaking of throwing, the distances are often shorter. Finally, even if great progress has been made on this point, the average prices of casting reels remain significantly higher than spinning models.

The spinning rod

Canne Spinning vs Casting

The spinning set is the most common combo in France. It consists of a fixed spinning reel oscillating from top to bottom. The line is wound around the reel spool by means of a pick up. The reel is attached to the rod from below, as well as the rings!

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Very easily mastered by a novice fisherman, a spinning set makes it easier to cast light lures, as well as over greater distances.

A spinning set is more versatile and allows you to tackle all fishing techniques, from the most basic to the most specific. Another important point is that the prices are generally much more accessible. They allow a beginner to try their hand at fishing without breaking the bank.

However, we often lack precision in the throws and the approaches are less discreet when setting down the lure. The heavier the lure, the more difficult it will be to control your cast on specific areas.


Casting or Spinning: How to start?

Contrary to what one might think, casting is not much more difficult to learn than spinning for a novice angler. Not having the basics of spinning, gestures and techniques come quickly. However, we recommend that you try out a friend's set before embarking on the adventure. The ideal would be to start with both sets. They correspond to very different but complementary fishing techniques.

If you only had to choose one, start with a spinning set. The casts will be easier, the wigs less present and the technique more intuitive.
when you progress in your technique, your throws, in the feeling of your line, then move towards a casting set.

Cannes casting

Our fishing guides are also there to advise you in the purchase of your equipment. In their company, you can practice several lure fishing techniques, casting or spinning. So don't hesitate to get in touch with them. There is nothing better than practice to help you in your choice.

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