Start lure fishing: Which lures to take in your box?

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Lure fishing is an increasingly popular style of fishing and very popular among many anglers, especially the younger ones. With the variety of brands, styles, colors and materials available, starting lure fishing is now accessible to everyone. However, it is sometimes difficult for a novice to navigate among this profusion of offer.

In order not to make a mistake in his choice, here are the lures that every fisherman should have in his box.

Crankbait: A must have to start lure fishing

The crankbait is certainly one of the most suitable lures for those who wish to start lure fishing.

Usually stocky in shape, the crankbait, as its name suggests, has an unstable and very provocative stroke. It very often triggers reflex attacks when the lure passes in front of a predator.

To animate it, nothing could be easier! It is enough to launch it and to bring back more or less quickly in a linear way. A pause during the animation also often allows you to trigger follow-ups and attacks.

You will understand, the crankbait allows you to explore areas very quickly in search of active fish. These have more or less long mud flaps that will allow you to animate your lure in different veins of water.

It is also a lure suitable for any predator, especially at the beginning and end of the season. Throw, bring back,… You will be surprised at the result.

The spinnerbait: an all-terrain lure for beginners and confirmed

The Spinnerbait is one of the most versatile and effective lures on the market.

Its particular shape often prevents it from hanging on. It will allow you to explore the most congested areas without worry: dead wood, seagrass, obstacles, etc. It also allows you to fish for all types of predator fish, near the surface or the bottom. Perch, pike, pike perch, black-bass, anything goes!

With one or more spoons on its frame, as well as a skirt at the hook, the spinnerbait attracts both by its light that it reflects but also by the subtle vibration of its skirt.

It is also very easy to animate. Its animation consists in fact, like the crankbait, in casting and bringing back your lure in a regular and constant manner. The Fishing Club has also made it a theme during one of its shows.

The spoon: the forgotten in the fisherman's box

Although little used, the spoon remains a must for anyone wishing to start lure fishing.
The spoon is a metallic, concave lure that spins and wobbles as it is brought down. The spoons reflect light and create vibrations mimicking an injured fish.

Débuter la pêche au leurre

Often wrongly forgotten, they are nonetheless formidable on any type of predator such as trout, pike or perch.

Often priced much more reasonably than other lures, the spoon allows anyone wishing to start lure fishing to discover this practice without risking breaking the bank.

Soft lures: Accessible and training lures

The first advantage of soft lures for a person wishing to start lure fishing lies in their often "modest" price.

Even if their lifespan does not equal that of hard lures, soft lures allow you to take more risks and thus psychologically to fish better. You will therefore be less afraid to prospect above the bottom or near obstacles.

Another advantage of the soft lure is that it is often very easy to animate and allows fishing all layers of water, from the surface to great depths.

Topwaters: A fun way to lure fishing

Clearly the most fun option for beginner lure fishing. The attacks are indeed on sight and promise an adrenaline rush to the unparalleled fisherman.

These so-called “Topwater” lures float on the surface and generally create noise and movements that attract aggressive fish.

Stopped back and forth movements work well on this type of lure. A simple animation that will also delight anyone wishing to start lure fishing.

Begin to lure with a fishing guide

For those who do not wish to be confused in the choice of lures, take lessons directly from a fishing guide from its region can be the perfect option to start lure fishing. You will be sure of your lure choices and the corresponding animations.

Nothing like practice for learn lure fishing only in the company of a professional.

Surrounding yourself with a fishing guide is a quick and above all very effective solution to get a good start to lure fishing.

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