Fishing lodge: accommodation that meets everyone's needs

Are you a fisherman? Do you want to go on vacation with family or friends while having the opportunity to fish during your stay? Note that a multitude of fishing lodges, accommodation, guest rooms or even camping allow you to fish in peace while allowing your family to enjoy other activities.
Gîte de pêche

A fishing cottage for holidays with family or friends

Fishing trips are quite common for the fishing community. According to National Fishing Federation, 39% of them go on fishing trips on average 21.3 days per year. 49% of the respondents even determine their vacation spot based on the fishing possibilities they might find there.
However, combining his passion for fishing with the desires of those around him is not often an easy thing. You often have to sacrifice yourself to meet the wishes of the majority.
In order for everyone to have the chance to have the best possible stay, opting for a fishing lodge is one of the options to consider. This type of accommodation exists so that your friends, your children or your family can enjoy activities while putting you in the best position to be able to fish.
A multitude of accommodation is compatible or specially designed for "Fishing" : fishing lodge, guest room, traditional hotel, or in the form of a holiday village or campsite.
These are most often large houses that allow you to come with family or a group of friends, fishermen or not. 
Today, a label even makes it possible to identify these fishing lodges in France: the label “Fishing accommodation”.

Gîte de pêche en bord de mer

The fishing lodge: an alternative to traditional lodges

No more wasting time preparing, scouting or organizing your fishing trip. By booking a fishing lodge, you ensure practicality, ease and speed in all of your procedures. 
Created by the FNPF, this label guarantees the proximity of the accommodation to a fishing site of interest for the practice of fishing in France. These accommodations most often include a good number of activities for those accompanying you: hiking, cycling, climbing, or facilities such as a swimming pool, present in most fishing lodges. In addition to idleness, culture and heritage enthusiasts can take advantage of guided tours or taste the local gastronomy during tours provided for this purpose. Finally, lovers of well-being will easily find a Spa area in some lodges to enjoy massages or a sauna session.
Dedicated infrastructures are also available to facilitate the stay of fishermen: technical room for the storage of equipment, water point for rinsing ... But a fishing lodge, they are also tailor-made services in terms of information and documentation on fishing in the surrounding area: Fishing tackle shops, instructors, local fishing guides, maps, local regulations,… all this information is available from your accommodation . The owners are also very often fishermen themselves and can put you in touch with a fishing guide if you or someone around you want to learn to fish.
Renting fishing accommodation is therefore putting all the chances on your side to have a stay that meets all your expectations as a fisherman but also those of those around you in terms of comfort. 

Rodmaps, the reservation site for fishing lodges in France

Looking for tuna in the Mediterranean? The bar in the Atlantic? Or maybe you prefer the mountain air and want to go river trout fishing in the Pyrenees or in the Alps?
Whatever, the Rodmaps site is there to help fishermen choose the most suitable fishing lodge for their needs and those of their family, regardless of the level or type of fishing you choose.
Accommodation characteristics, surface area, number of rooms, geographical position, all the information is given to get a clear idea of what the traveler can expect.
So whether you opt for the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Atlantic coast or the Mediterranean for your fishing trip in France, Rodmaps can provide you with the information and information to choose your fishing lodge, anywhere in France.

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