Drop shot knot: How to tie a drop shot knot?

The drop shot knot is the fishing knot dedicated exclusively to drop shot fishing. The purpose of this knot is to be able to mount a hook directly on the main line terminated by a sinker, pointing upwards. The drop shot knot therefore allows you to present your lure at the desired depth, all in a natural way. This fishing technique can be very effective, especially on educated fish. Here is an article to show you how to make a drop shot knot.

Noeud drop shot : Comment réaliser un noeud pour le drop shot ?

The drop shot knot

The drop shot node is basically a variation of the palomar node. The subtlety of the drop shot knot will be to ensure that the tip of the hook is positioned upwards.

Here are the steps to make this knot:

  • While holding your hook up, double your line to make a long loop and pass it through the eye of the hook.
  • Tie an overhand knot with the doubled line.
  • Pass the hook through the loop made by the overhand knot.
  • Moisten the wire to avoid chafing and tighten it firmly.
  • Make sure the hook is still facing up.
Le noeud drop shot

Once the drop shot knot has been made, add a drop shot lead to the end of the leader.

Here are the steps to make a drop shot knot!

When it comes to fishing gear, it doesn't need to be very sharp to be effective. In our opinion, the most important thing is to choose a rod with a strong resonance, equipped with a tip slow enough so that the fish can attack the lure without feeling resistance. A good spinning in Medium Light will therefore do the job perfectly.

We advise you to accompany this rod with a reel in size 2500, furnished with a light braid as the main line, then with a fluorocarconne at the bottom of the line.

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