How to fish black bass in summer?

The days are getting longer and the waters are getting warmer. THEthe spawning of the black bass is long pastt the pre-winter frenzy is still far away. If black-bass fishing in summer is not necessarily the most productive, it can hold enormous surprises for those who know how to proceed methodically. When you think about it, the fish haven't gone extinct and still feed. You just need to know when, where and how to fish them. This article is therefore here to help those who want to know how to fish for black bass in summer..

Comment pêcher le black bass en été ?

Where to fish for black bass in summer?

Où pêcher le black-bass en été ?

Find the breaks

During the summer, warmer water tends to contain less oxygen. If the black-bass is resistant to strong heat, it will however prefer shelter in areas richer in oxygen. During the summer, therefore, avoid the usually productive shoals. You can sometimes come across black-bass posted in these areas. But the latter are often porpoises, satiated with their evening vest, and will likely return to deeper waters later to hunt.

A first method to fish for black bass in summer is therefore to prospect for drop-offs. Indeed, the black-bass often station there in search of colder water and richer in oxygen. It will stay near these areas to rest and feed. He will only come out early in the morning or on cooler summer evenings to go hunting.

Find areas with vegetation and structures

As with colder waters, areas with vegetation will be richer in oxygen. They will also offer shade and good opportunities for refuge but also hunting for black bass in summer. Frequently, we notice that the large animals are near the bottom, just at the edge of the thick vegetation and the lily pads, and wait for the food to pass under their nose.

To fish for black bass in summer under these conditions, Texan-mounted lures will be ideal for exploring these areas in depth. A spinerbait is also to be preferred for full water. Indeed, this denrier has the ability to pass through vegetation, as dense as it is. Finally, do not hesitate to use frogs if the vegetation protrudes from the water or stickbaits if the latter has not punctured the surface. Mid-morning and the few hours before sunset are best for black bass fishing in these areas.

Don't overlook rocks, stumps, and other rigid structures. They constitute shadow zones where the black bass will be sheltered from the sun. Under these conditions, favor crankbaits or so soft lures in Texan rig to reduce hang-ups. the Drop shot can also be particularly effective and allows emphasis on particular areas.

Comment pêcher le black bass

Use technology or the internet

If you are passing through on vacation, get a topographic map of the region. This will make it easier for you to find suitable areas during the summer. Note all rocky points, the bumps, the dishes, the canals and the submerged points before your session. This preparatory step will allow you to save precious time in your fishing. Google earth is also an excellent way to quickly take information on the physiognomy of a watercourse.

When to fish for black bass in summer?

Arriver tôt ou rester tard : les périodes à ne pas manquer pour le bass

Arrive early or stay late: times not to miss

If you want to fish for black bass with the best possible conditions in summer, you will surely have to make concessions on your sleeping time. Indeed, the hours just before sunrise and just after sunset is the best time to fish for black bass in summer.

If you fish early, the water temperature has dropped overnight and the black bass will linger near the edges of the shoals to warm up, as will its prey. Your best bet is to fish for reaction lures like crankbaits or stickbaits. Softbaits are also to be favored with a preference for brighter colors or whites.

If you are fishing at sunset, wait until the water starts to cool. Hungry bass that have avoided the heat of the shallow water will kick in when the temperatures start to drop. Very aggressive at this time of day, the attacks and fights are very often impressive.

The storm: the moment of all possibilities

During the summer, the moment before or after a thunderstorm constitutes for us a high point in the activity of the black-bass. If you are at the right time, in the right place, it is not uncommon to stumble upon a moment of memorable frenzy. This time of summer quickly cools the waters and also brings more oxygen to the environment. Nothing like activating our dear black-bass lazy. So do not exclude this very special moment in summer. It could well bring you its share of surprises.

As curious and athletic as they are, the black bass can be very lazy when summer comes. However, if one knows how to fish it in summer, it can become a prime target for a fisherman. When you know where the black bass are and how to fish them, you will be able to discover their fishing and why not trigger passions with your children on vacation.

You won't even need to aim for large specimens only. The small black-bass will be perfect for small children as they are playful and combative when fishing.

Quand pêcher le black-bass en été ?

For those who did not yet know how to fish for black bass in the summer, follow these few tips and who knows, you can turn your summer fishing sessions into one of the best fishing experiences you have ever had!

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