Record catfish: the 10 largest catfish caught to date

With the passing years and the democratization of its fishing, the record catches of catfish do not stop raining. Some fishermen have even made hunting record catfish their specialty. In order to see more clearly, we wanted to list you the 10 biggest catfish caught to date and the history of their catches.

Top 10: Record catfish of 268 cm caught by Markus Brock on the Po

Top 10 : 268 cm pris par Markus Brock sur le Pô

Fighting record catfish is never easy. But what the founder of the Black Cat team and his guest Markus Brock did again on the Po in Italy at the end of January 2019 is just exceptional!

For over a year, Benjamin Gründer had already been tracking a very large fish with his echo sounder during his sessions. “At the beginning, I always thought that only submerged obstacles or trees could create this kind of echo. But by dint of prospecting on this spot, it was clear that I had in front of me a fish of extraordinary proportions! “ then confided Benjamin.

Top 10 : 268 cm pris par Markus Brock sur le Pô

It was in December 2018 that he had the chance to have a first contact with this record catfish. Unfortunately, he lost the fish in the fight. Blame it on the hook, completely open ...
At the end of January, Benjamin Gründer and two fishermen, Kai Weber and Markus Brock, returned to Wels Camp on the Po, the starting point for the vertical sessions.
On the second day of fishing, the supposed record catfish appeared to Benjamin's sounder. However, all attempts to bite him will have been unsuccessful. Then nothing…

On January 31, the fishermen again had the chance to follow the giant with the depth sounder. And it is finally Markus who will have the chance to come into contact with this monster on a carpet. After more than 45 minutes of fighting and epic teamwork, Markus and Benjamin were finally able to put the fish in the boat. It was clear to everyone that this fish had absolutely exceptional dimensions. This is not the expected world record catfish but the giant still reached the length of 268 cm for an estimated weight of 130 kg.

268 cm pris par Markus Brock sur le Pô

Top 9: Record catfish of 270 cm caught by Varga Vilmost on the Rhône

Caught by Varga in 2016, a Hungarian fisherman on the Rhône, this record catfish measures 270 cm long for an unknown weight. Indeed, Varga's scale only went up to 130 kilos at most ...

Top 9 : 270 cm pris par Varga Vilmost sur le Rhône

However, the record catfish fisherman says the giant was doing little more. "I have no idea how I could have put that in the boat", he said, suggesting he was alone when the catfish attacked the lure.

Top 9 : Silure record de 270 cm pris par Varga Vilmost sur le Rhône

It was then certainly at the epoch the new world record for catfish caught with lures.

Top 8: Record catfish of 270 cm caught by Nicolas Hoguet on the Loire

Top 8 : Silure record de 270 cm pris par Nicolas Hoguet sur la Loire

“I captured this catfish from my boat. The fight lasted 30 long minutes. Arrived on the edge, I began to realize that this catfish was really exceptional. I then called several friends to confirm the measurement of this trophy fish, then I kindly left it to return to its river so that it could still spend many years, hoping perhaps one day to meet it again. “ This is what Nicolas, 29, testified when catching this record catfish in the Avoine en Loire sector.

Top 7: Record catfish of 270 cm caught on the Ebro Delta

Top 7 : Silure record de 270 cm pris sur le Delta de l'Ebre

We don't have much information about this giant from Spain. We just know that it was caught in October 2018 in Mequinenza by a Swiss fisherman at Ebro Fishing Angelcamp. 270 cm on the clock all the same ...

Top 6: Record catfish of 271 cm caught on the Po at Il Campo del Siluro

Top 6 : Silure record de 271 cm pris sur le Pô au Il Campo del Siluro

Again, we don't have much information on this other record catfish. He was captured in 2013 by a group of friends during a fishing course on the Po at Il Campo del Siluro. The giant then displayed a recor size of 271 cm for 286 lbs.

Top 5: Record catfish of 271 cm caught by Hugo Leybac on the Loire

Top 5 : Silure record de 271 cm pris par Hugo Leybac sur la Loire

Decidedly, it seems that it is in France where we have the possibility of catching record catfish this decade. Another Loire golgoth, captured in August 2019 with lure and on board by Hugo Leybac near Angers.

We stopped at a spot with a pit of about eight meters and with a light current. After a few throws, I felt a clean slap but not very powerful. A generous shoeing will launch the start of hostilities with a catfish. After ten minutes of very intense combat, my friend and I saw a catfish with extraordinary proportions. Moments later, my friend was able to grab the monster that we measured several times: 271 cm!

Top 5 : Silure record de 271 cm pris par Hugo Leybac sur la Loire

Top 4: 272 cm catfish caught by Matteo De Grandi on the Po

Top 4 : Silure de 272 cm pris par Matto De Grandi sur le Pô

A little less than a year after the capture of the world record catfish caught on the Po by the Ferrari brothers in 2016 which made a lot of talk at the time, it is the turn of another member of the team Black Cat to illustrate with a monster of 2.72 m.

The capture took place on Monday January 4, obviously on the Po river by Matteo De Grandi. As Matteo testifies, the session started under the best hospices with a 1st fish 2.10 m from the first drift. It was not until the afternoon that Matteo caught the fish in a 6-meter pit.

Top 4 : Silure de 272 cm pris par Matteo De Grandi sur le Pô

A good half hour of combat was necessary to get the better of this giant of the river, who as usual, after the usual photos, has found freedom.

Top 3: 273 cm catfish caught by Sébastien Delabre on the Petit Rhône

Top 3 : Silure de 273 cm pris par Sébastien Delabre sur le Petit Rhône

Another French monster! This 273 cm catfish was captured in October 2015 by Sébastien Delabre in the Gard near Vauvert on the Petit Rhône. At the time, it was nothing other than the world record catfish! Once the measures have been taken and noted by a bailiff, Sébastien of course released his fish into the water.

Top 2: French record catfish of 274 cm taken by Jean-Christophe Conéjéro on the Tarn

Top 2 : Silure record de France de 274 cm pris par Jean-Christophe Conéjéro sur le Tarn

The world record for catfish fell again in September 2017. He was then French again with this record catch of 274 cm. The catfish was captured by Jean-Christophe Conéjéro of the Zeck team, on the Tarn… in a float-tube! The Tarn has since become a major place for catfish fishing in the world. And this also thanks to this famous video of catfish attacking pigeons who came to quench their thirst in the Tarn. “It's the fish of a lifetime! It's almost a shame for me, I'm going to have a hard time finding another goal ”, testified Jean-Christophe Conéjéro.

The record was even taken on video.

It remains to this day the largest catfish caught and approved. He is therefore officially the record catfish in France and on paper the world record catfish.

Top 1: World record catfish of 275 cm taken by Ronny Zürcher on the Po

Top 1 : Silure Record du monde de 275 cm pris par Ronny Zürcher sur le Pô

Even if this catfish has never been officially approved and its owner remains discreet about this fish, it remains for many THE world record for catfish to beat. It was captured in October 2017 on the Po by seasoned fisherman Ronny Zürcher.

The fish was measured at 275 cm! For these 3 years that have passed, we can imagine that sooner or later, this record will again be equaled, or even exceeded.

Top 1 : Silure Record du monde de 275 cm pris par Ronny Zürcher sur le Pô

Useful information

  • World record catfish size : 275 cm
  • Record catfish size in France : 245 cm
  • Weight of the largest catfish in the world : It has not been weighed but is estimated to be over 130 kg

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