Fishing in Guadeloupe by kayak: Story of our 3rd day of fishing

You wish discover fishing in Guadeloupe ? We We wanted to share with you our experience during this third day of fishing in the company of Vincent, fishing guide in Guadeloupe and specialist in kayak fishing.

Pêche en Guadeloupe en Kayak

A first taste of kayak fishing from the port

We meet at the port thanks to the indications of Vincent who wants to make us discover fishing in Guadeloupe by kayak. We arrive with some local sweets to start the morning well. The day begins with a short briefing on safety and the rules to be observed on this type of boat.

We realize that Vincent is uncompromising on the safety of people so that there is no incident. Very appreciable thing for a Rodmaps partner fishing guide.

Pêche en Guadeloupe en kayak

We start this day of kayak fishing in the middle of the port. We cast our decoys between the boats in search of snooks. The latter are kept in ambush under pontoons and boat hulls, generally to rest.

Alas, the snooks are sulking us and no way to trigger even a follow-up. By reducing the size of our lures, we still manage to validate a few pufferfishs (pufferfish) and small mangrove jacks!

pufferfish poisson globeguadeloupe
mutton snapper guadeloupe

We get started with multi-species

We then move towards a shoal which is more or less 500 meters away. We go there dragging cranckbaits and lipless. I will take a single touch, probably tarpon given the violence of the impact!

Once on the flat, I start to fish slowly with a bucktail, while Matthieu is equipped with small microjigs. Many fish are lying in wait in this area, the keys follow one another!

orphie de guadeloupe

We therefore validate new species such as the Nassau grouper (epinephelus stratus) which is an endemic grouper of the Caribbean. In the area, we also catch yellowtail snappers (ocyurus chrysurus), tropical garfish, mutton snappers (lutjanus analis), schoolmaster snappers (lutjanus apodus).

mérou de nassauepinephelus stratuspêche en guadeloupe

We move on to serious matters

After having stocked up on all these species, we decided to concentrate on looking for tarpons vertically with the sounder, along the break in this shoal.

Around noon, I equip myself with a pointed jig head of 14gr, strong iron hook treated against corrosion, and an OSP Dolive shad 3.5 ''; by fishing linearly for the break, I get harnessed by a metered tarpon that we can clearly see during the 1er jump! After a fight of several minutes and 2 jumps later, he ends up unhooking. It's annoying to lose such a fish….

We decide to do the same drift again. And this time it's Vincent who gets his reel drained by a superb hippo trevally. Small photo shoot to immortalize this great fight.

carangue hippo guadeloupe

One minute after releasing his trevally, Vincent relaunches in the same place and there it is a tarpon of more or less 1m10 which seizes its lure but which unhooks in front of the kayak after a final jump which opens the jig head! These tarpons are really powerful, we are amazed.

The grail, silver color

Definitely this drift is the right one. We decide to come back to the spot once again. And there I am intercepted my FatBoySwim made by Scarnafishing vertically under the kayak. My cane GoldenMean Deepcore monsters is folded, the stella 2500 howls at death so fast the fish! The fight is endless and the fish will eventually surrender after 16 minutes.

tarpon guadeloupe kayak

Incredibly, the tarpon peeled off during the fight and the fluoro wrapped around the right pivot of his jaw. Lucky the fish didn't run away.

We measure this tarpon at 1m16. I improve my personal best that I had in Mexico by one centimeter. Small photoshoot and a release underwater with him to help him get going again.

the video of the touch and the fight of this tarpon !!

A quiet return to the port

We then decide to come back along the dike to try to catch a moon trevally but it will not be so easy. Unable to trigger a key.

We will still continue to trigger several hits of groupers and small snappers on the way back.

Here is the video of the kayaking day!

This day was full of emotions and we are very happy with this fishing with Vincent, who was able to show us his kayaking offer.

The equipment used during this 3rd day of fishing in Guadeloupe in Kayak

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