Borboleta lures: Lures tailored for large predators

Known and recognized across the Atlantic, Borboleta lures are now landing in France, to the delight of exo fishing enthusiasts and lures in general. For those who do not yet know Borboleta, we wanted to devote an article to this brand of lures straight from Brazil.

Leurres Borboleta

History of Borboleta lures: Made in Brazil lures

Borboleta lures are Brazilian lures, made in the South East of the country, at sea and in the mountains. Founded in 1980 by Zezito Abdalla, Borboleta is today a manufacturer of essential lures for peacock bass fishing but also large predatory freshwater and marine fish.

Developed initially by hand, Borboleta lures are now designed on a computer, tested, retouched and tested over and over again in order to obtain a perfect result in terms of swimming and imitation.

Many models of Borboleta lures, however, continue to be made in wood and by hand for tuna or GT trevally.
We will introduce you to some of the iconic borboleta lures.

Propeller lure Borboleta Woodstock

leurre borboleta woodstock
Borboleta Woodstock 13

The Borboleta Woodstock weighs 35gr and measures 13cm. It is a floating lure, equipped with a buzzbait type propeller, which emits a serious and particular sound when you make dry pulls to animate it. As its name suggests, its design is made of wood, which will give it perfect buoyancy throughout its life.

It also resists puncturing the teeth of the vampire fish, otherwise known as the payara. It is also equipped with split rings and reinforced 1/0 hooks, designed for fishing these powerful exotic fish. You won't need to change them like on Japanese lures.

Propeller lure Borboleta Jaraqui

leurre borboleta jaraqui
Borboleta Jaraqui

The Borboleta Jaraqui is a 44gr for 14cm lure in dense plastic. Like his colleague Woodstock, it is a propeller lure, with the difference that it has 2 at the back of the tail.

The sound that emerges is therefore very different, much more aggressive than on the woodstock. It is also more imposing by its width, and its treble hooks are 4/0.

Floating stickbait Borboleta Zarari 

leurre borboleta zarari

Borboleta Zarari is a surface lure of 25gr for 11cm. It comes to life in walking the dog (walking the dog). Very solid thanks to its through frame, it will resist all predators around the world without the slightest concern. It also launches very far thanks to its tapered shape. Very big peacock bass were captured with this unusual stickbait.

Floating stickbait Borboleta Little Bob 

leurre borboleta little bob
Borboleta Little Bob

The Borboleta Little Bob is suitable for both sea and freshwater. It also comes to life very easily while walking the dog. But thanks to its concave mouth, the sound of a popper adds to its attractiveness. A kind of 2 in 1 for this stickbait / popper hybrid. Its center of gravity has been placed at the rear in order to catapult it as far as possible. It is also an element that will give you better shoeing.

Sinking stickbait Borboleta Tunao

leurre borboleta tunao
Borboleta Tunao

Sinking stickbaits are often underused in Western Europe. And yet here is one that no longer has its countless catches. The Borboleta Tunao is a real launch missile. 33gr for 12cm, its density is enormous.

You can bring it back on a regular basis, which will make it swim in an “S” shape. You can also twit it to flash its blanks. It was originally designed for tuna but adapts perfectly to all predators around the world.

Jerkbait Borboleta Perversa 

Borboleta Perversa

The Perverse is a cult lure in Brazil. Arriving on our territory, it is certain that this hardbait will be suitable for the tracking of many predators: perch, pike, black bass, bass,… Sailing just below the surface, the Borboleta Perversa, a size of 10cm for 21g, is very versatile. Easy to animate, it produces vibrations as well as a rather disorderly and erratic swimming which will without hesitation trigger the attack of a predator.

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