Fishing trip in Guadeloupe: Story of our 4th day of fishing

You wish discover fishing in Guadeloupe ? We we wanted to share with you our experience during this fourth day of our fishing trip in Guadeloupe with Mr and Mrs Fish

Séjour pêche en guadeloupe avec Mr and Mrs Fish

A day under the sign of streetfishing

For this 4th day of our fishing trip in Guadeloupe, we meet Paul and Mathilde from Mr and Mrs Fish for a morning meeting at 6 a.m. on one of their favorite streetfishing spot.

We begin the search for predators around the wooden pontoons that border this bay. However, access is quite restricted. But very quickly in the structures located in our feet, we manage to get out of the pufferfishs who are happy to cut our soft lures and mark us the casting jigs!

pufferfish poisson globe pour ce séjour de pêche en Guadeloupe

Then we will chain two small mangrove snappers on the same kind of pits. The sizes remain modest but it's fun!

snapper guadeloupe

Change of atmosphere in search of baby tarpons

These few fish caught, Paul and Mathilde decide to change their spot in order to decide on the tarpon babys who are hiding in the Guadeloupe mangroves. It is a fishing of canals which resembles those which one can find in metropolis.

At the start we only see a few tilapias which shun our lures. They have a very passive, even lethargic, behavior.
Quickly, Paul brings out two tarpon babys in two throws in cramped bay bottoms.

tarpon en streetfishing en guadeloupe

Matthieu is also going to release two tarpons in quick succession at the OSP Dolive Stick 3 ″ 5. This new spot is huge, the fish seem to be outside and they respond pretty well to our lures!

Le 1er baby tarpon pour ce séjour pêche en guadeloupe avec Mr and Mrs Fish

However, the touch ends up coming to a halt! Suddenly, change of program.

Street session in the port

We head for a new spot on the outskirts of a professional fishing port. We see tarpons in activity on the surface in the middle of the boats. I throw my stickbait Jabbers Honcho pencil 95, and I hit a magnificent tarpon which unhooks on the second jump! Bad luck!!!

We continue prospecting, between the boats, and it's Matthieu's turn to get his lure sucked: OSP DoliveStick 3 ″ 5. The tarpon delivers a good fight and it is there that a barracuda metered comes to stick to the tarpon in order to be able to taste it. Fortunately Matthieu manages to get it out of the water in time for a video session!

Given the moment of frenzy, we do not take a picture of this tarpon and continue to fish. I will have a big attack on the surface on my popper, but the fish unhook again! It is really hard to sting these fish in topwater because of their bony jaws.
We shift a little outside the port, we see a bank of tarpons getting browned in the sun like black bass. Matthieu launches his OSP Dolive Stick and a little one intercepts it! Crazy fight and dry!

Beau tarpon de notre séjour de pêche en guadeloupe

We notice that the group of tarpons has barely shifted, Mathilde throws and slips a very beautiful tarpon! The video below:

Change of spot and still madness

The morning was rich in emotions, so we will eat at the local fast food to eat some specialties!

burger guadeloupe

Mr and Mrs Fish leave us after the meal, “work obliges”! We continue Matthew and I to look for tarpons in the city canals. We find an area where the fish are all grouped together and there the hits and the catches are no longer counted, we stop counting at 300 hits! It's just crazy!

We will take the opportunity to test all of our equipment and lures in order to unseal any flagship technique.

tarpon de guadeloupe

The fish will follow one another thanks in particular to the Dolive Stick 3 ″ 5 in non-weighted Texan, alternating jerk and long breaks. We notice that the slight movements of the tide greatly influenced the activity of the baby tarpons and their attacks. So don't hesitate to vary the lures and the animations when the keys suddenly stop!

Indeed, the Honcho Pencil subsequently becomes our key to triggering most fish as well as the classic OSP Rudra SP in gold color.

tarpon de guadeloupe
Golden Mean Deepcore Monsters 4strands

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