Fishing Catalog 2020: All the news for 2020

Do you want to discover the new products of the year? Discover all the 2020 fishing catalogs of your favorite brands: Rapala, Fish Connection, Illex, Shimano, Daïwa,… Find any 2020 fishing catalog in one place.

Amiaud Catalog 2020

Catalogue Amiaud 2020

You will find in this new Amiaud fishing catalog all of their manufacturing products via their own brands: AMIAUD, PIKE N'BASS, SEANOX and CAPRO.

You will also find their commercial exclusives there: HAYABUSA, EYELEVEL and CUDA.

”In a rapidly changing fishing market, we believe in the quality of our products and our know-how. We are aware of our difference and wish to do everything possible to satisfy you ” Anthony & Hervé Amiaud.

Find all of Amiaud's 2020 fishing catalog here

Astucit Catalog 2020

Catalogue Astucit 2020

ASTUCIT is an SME located in St Médard de Guizières in Gironde.

ASTUCIT has been manufacturing and selling fishing tackle since 1975.

We work very closely with Albert Drachkovitch who places his total trust in us.

Find all of Astucit's 2020 fishing catalog here

Astufish Catalog 2020


 AstuFish, is a craft company, located in Brittany, specializing in the design of articles for recreational sport fishing.

Its philosophy is to create and manufacture in France jig heads and articles intended for sport fish, whether sea (sea bass, lieu, St Pierre, horse mackerel, mackerel, garfish.), Or freshwater (Salmon, trout, pike, pike perch, perch, chub, catfish.)

Find all the Astufish 2020 fishing catalog here

Autain 2020 Catalog

Catalogue Autain 2020

Since its creation in 1954, Autain Pêche has acquired the experience to equip your shelves. 22,000 references just for fishing.

Its customers spread over the national territory, are stores specialized or not in the sale of fishing equipment.

The company distributes products from brands such as Adam's, Molix, Relax and Suissex in France.

Find all of Autain's 2020 fishing catalog here

Biwaa Catalog 2020

Catalogue Biwaa 2020

Born on competition circuits, the Biwaa are constantly innovating in order to create ever more efficient products. The Biwaa lures are designed and developed to meet the needs of the most demanding predator fishermen.

Biwaa invests a lot in development and technology with the aim of offering you lures that are always more realistic and competitive. Once again this year, magnificent novelties are coming out of the Biwaa 2020 catalog with new, even more successful finishes. The success of the Biwaa RAFFAL has led them to develop for example 2 additional sizes.

Find the entire Biwaa 2020 fishing catalog here

Black Cat Catalog 2020

Catalogue Black Cat 2020

Black Cat is “The benchmark in catfish fishing for over 10 years.” Modern catfish fishing is booming and has never been so trendy.

Fishermen are now going even beyond the borders of Europe to measure themselves against a giant.

For many years, the Black Cat catalogs have been offering equipment for catfish fishing, innovative new products, small equipment proven by the field and of course top of the range rods and reels, ready for any test.

Find the entire Black Cat 2020 catalog here

Caperlan Catalog 2020

Catalogue Caperlan 2020

As most of you know, Caperlan is Decathlon's fishing brand.

Discover in this new Caperlan catalog all the new offers of surfcasting, light or heavy rods: SYMBIOS.

Good finishes, a very qualitative cane, a qualitative wrapping. In short, a set that can only inspire confidence!

Discover the new products dedicated to sea fishing in the Caperlan 2020 fishing catalog by clicking here

Daiwa Catalog 2020

Catalogue Daiwa 2020

We could not write this article without talking about the Daiwa 2020 catalog. Indeed, the first Daiwa reel marked the starting point of a new wave of innovations.
in the development process for the fishing industry.

Daiwa patented innovations have revolutionized the history of
fishermen's equipment and our products have brought the user experience to the highest level of pleasure and comfort all over the world.
Find out in this new Daiwa catalog 2020 nearly 100 pages dedicated to their wires, lures, luggage and other fishing accessories.

Catalog Delalande 2020

Catalogue Delalande 2020

It is a real pleasure to unveil the new Delalande 2020 catalog. This year 2020 will mark yet another turning point in Delalande history with an ever growing enthusiasm for the brand. If you are online, it may no longer be a secret for you, but for those who have not yet discovered the new Delalande 2020 range. The Delalande 2020 fishing catalog is a revolution in the range. As well in the new lures, as in the new “realistic” colors, as in the paintings of the jig heads on the spinners and even an Exo jig head unique on the market!

It is therefore more than 300 new references which complete the range of the Delalande catalog. You will therefore discover not 1, nor 2, not even 3… but 4 new soft lures in the range intended for all types of fishing! Discover the Delalande catalog

Duo Catalog 2020

Catalogue Duo 2020

Since its inception 25 years ago, DUO has set a new standard in lure manufacturing based on advanced technology and innovation. Since Duo is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of lures.

Masahiro Adachi is considered today as one of the most respected lure designers in Japan. As DUO CEO and Chief Designer, he embodies the concept and philosophy on which DUO is built.

The integration of vision, design and high precision digital tools are the foundation of DUO and enable it to create the best fishing lures in the world. Find all the Duo 2020 catalog here

Fiiish Catalog 2020

Catalogue Fiiish 2020

Fiiish is growing but above all, we continue to evolve because their development is accompanied by an eternal questioning, always guided by the passion for fishing, fish and their playing partners that you are. This year 2020, and even more thereafter, the
Fiiish's Research and Development department, located in Brest, is strengthening itself in order to anticipate the technical and environmental challenges of tomorrow.
In the years to come, Fiiish will continue to nurture our passion for fishing with technical and ethical projects, in Europe and beyond. With the Fiiish 2020 catalog, the brand has new species of fish to target, new techniques to learn and new anglers to meet. Prepare to be surprised!

Find the entire Fiiish 2020 catalog here

Fish Connection Catalog 2020

Catalogue Fish Connection 2020

Lure fishing is more than just a distraction at Fish Connection. This discipline requires a certain state of mind, a lot of technique, patience and even sometimes self-sacrifice when the conditions are difficult. The quality and efficiency of the equipment are essential today, the products we select are aimed at
purists, technicians and lovers of beautiful things who wish to practice our sport without hindrance or compromise.
This year again, new prestigious brands are added to the 2020 Fish Connection fishing catalog: TORAY yarns with braids and monofilaments among the most efficient on the market, the legendary Japanese house ZPI with a new series of casting reels as well as their famous greases and F ZERO oils. Finally, in this new Fishconnection BORBOLETA catalog, the Brazilian brand of essential handmade lures for exotic freshwater fishing, makes its appearance.

Find the entire Fish Connection 2020 catalog here

Flashmer Catalog 2020

Catalogue Flashmer 2020

Creator of fishing tackle since 1970, Flashmer is also the exclusive distributor of renowned international brands such as Yo-Zuri, Asso, Lunker City, Bass Assassin, Heddon, JB, ...

Always on the lookout for new fishing techniques, the Flashmer development team designs products suitable for all techniques. On board or by boat, from lure fishing to bait fishing, our wide range covers all the needs of anglers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there will always be a Flashmer product that meets your expectations!

Florida Fishing Catalog 2020

Catalogue Florida Fishing 2020

FLORIDA FISHING, specialized in the sale of predator fishing equipment for more than 10 years, has also just released its new 2020 fishing catalog.

For example, you will discover in the Florida Fishing 2020 catalog the new St Croix rods as well as the very wide range of Live Target lures.

Find the entire Florida Fishing 2020 catalog here

Fox Rage Catalog 2020

Catalogue Fow Rage 2020

In the new Fox Rage 2020 catalog, find all the latest Fox products, from rods and reels to luggage and lures, including accessories dedicated to predator fishing.
A rich 2020 fishing catalog that offers quality products for all
budgets. All of the products presented in this Fox Rage catalog are designed to optimize your predator fishing.

Whether you are tracking pike, perch or pike perch, whether you are a fan of river catfish or whether you are thinking of starting out in the
lure fishing, here you will find what you need.
You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to indulging yourself with the new Fox Rage 2020!

Find the entire Florida Fishing 2020 catalog here

2020 Garmin Marine Fishing Catalog

Catalogue Garmin Marine 2020

New Garmin Marine products and functions are available to accompany you on the water, or below the surface.

Garmin Marine has also updated some of their flagship products to encourage you to come and discover their new products for 2020.

Find all the 2020 Garmin Marine fishing catalog here

Hearty Rise Catalog 2020

Catalogue Hearty Rise 2020

The Hearty Rise range continues its 360 ° evolution.
First, an aesthetic change with designs
always more innovative, always more careful, always more
But also, technical developments with products
complementary from year to year.
These ranges are validated in the field by the Hearty team
Rise, made up of fishing guides and competitors of
various horizons including some titled world champions.

Find the entire Hearty Rise 2020 catalog here

Illex Catalog 2020

Catalogue Illex 2020

It is always with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the European ILLEX team has been involved in the development of many new products in 2020 in order to meet your expectations.
With the Illex 2020 catalog, the brand demonstrates once again through its products the importance that it and its teams attach to product innovation and quality.

We offer rods, lures, luggage but also all kinds of small accessories. Our products are designed in consultation with our Pro Staff in order to best meet all your fishing issues.

Find the entire Illex 2020 catalog here

JMC 2020 Catalog

Catalogue JMC 2020

JMC is a must-see in the fly fishing landscape in France. Through its 2020 fishing catalog, JMC offers a wide range of references to cover all the needs of fly flyers.

With a very rich JMC 2020 catalog and innovations that compete in ingenuity with the American brands, the brand knows the needs of fishermen and allows them to equip themselves to ride flies as to catch a large tarpon at sea. 

Find the entire JMC 2020 catalog here

Mc Technologies Catalog 2020

Catalogue Mc Technologies 2020

French leader in the marine electronics, marine computing, on-board electricity, renewable energies and on-board comfort markets, Mc Technologies has now established itself as a major player in the fishing sector in France, thanks to the know-how and professionalism of their team and the effective partnerships developed with their suppliers.

Following on from the 2019 season, Mc Technologies' mission in 2020 is to have a high level of expertise in recreational fishing. Mc Technologies distributes products of iconic brands such as Lowrance, McMarine, B&G, Simrad, Standard Horizon, Motorguide And much more.

Find all the Mc Technologies 2020 catalog here

Molix Catalog 2020

Catalogue Molix 2020

MOLIX is an Italian brand of fishing equipment and accessories. It is in Italy that the stages of design, development, control and marketing take place. High quality products are produced through continuous research and innovative design, to meet the changing needs of modern fishermen.

The products from the Molix 2020 fishing catalog are the result of years of research and testing. Insight becomes an idea, which develops with the Italian style characteristic of Molix products.

Find the entire Molix 2020 catalog here

Navicom Catalog 2020

Catalogue Navicom 2020

The Navicom company was founded on February 6, 1980 by Mr. JM Fraenkel, It had 3 employees at that date and its main activity was based on the distribution of communication systems for pleasure craft, VHF (Very High Frequency) and BLU (Single Sideband) professional fishing, sounder and radio-gonio.
The brand new Navicom 2020 catalog is not a ... but five catalogs peach. And it just arrived, all fresh printed !!!

Find the entire Navicom 2020 catalog here

Pafex Catalog 2020

Catalogue Pafex 2020

PAFEX, founded in 1978 in Drôme, is based in Roussas. This family business was founded by Pierre PEZON, grandson of the founder of PEZON and MICHEL, installed in Ambroise in 1920.

“While everyone is looking for Made in China products in
best price, at PAFEX France, we are proud to list our
long-term expertise here in France ”

PAFEX has inherited a long tradition in the manufacture of world-renowned landing nets and we are further developing this expertise by always pushing research for ergonomics and materials that meet the specific needs of fishing practices.

Find the entire Pafex 2020 catalog here

Rapala Catalog 2020

Catalogue Rapala 2020

It all started with a hungry Finn and a carving knife. It was in the 1930s when a fisherman came to the following conclusion: Big fish eat small fish, especially small injured fish. So begins the greatest fishing story ever told.

A legacy that continues with the new offers from Rapala which offers more lures, new actions, new sizes, new colors, new designs, new tools, new accessories and new tips to catch more fish. Quality, rigor and passion this is what Rapala wishes to make available to you. So that you can benefit from a reliable, functional and efficient lure, for your greatest pleasure at the water's edge.

Find the entire Rapala 2020 catalog here

River2Sea Catalog 2020

Catalogue River2Sea 2020

RIVER2SEA is an American brand founded in 2003 and located near the most famous fishing spots in California. Indeed, RIVER2SEA uses the most beautiful fishing grounds to test the lures produced by their manufacturing workshops: the Delta California, the great Californian natural lake Clear Lake or the Lake Berryessa. Constantly innovating to create unique lures that not only produce results, but also remain affordable, the RIVER2SEA brand listens to anglers and the fishing world to develop the best possible equipment. This close collaboration has enabled the brand to develop its RIVER2SEA 2020 catalog by producing innovative lures that have become iconic such as the WHOPPER PLOPPER, known worldwide for its propeller producing a noise that will not leave any predator indifferent.
Find the entire River2Sea 2020 catalog here

Sakura Catalog 2020

Catalogue Sakura 2020

Fifteen seasons now that SAKURA shares the passion for fishing. Since 2006, SAKURA is the first French brand to offer a range of around thirty specific rods for lure fishing. Recognized for the quality of its casting and spinning rods, the brand has developed its fishing catalog to equip a large number of fishermen. With the Sakura 202 catalog, discover a wide range of hard lures, soft lures, metal lures… as well as a complete choice of clothing, luggage and practical and robust lure boxes. SAKURA develops fishing equipment for use in freshwater as well as at sea renowned throughout the world!

Find the entire Sakura 2020 catalog here

Seven Bass Catalog 2020

Catalogue Seven Bass 2020

In this SEVEN BASS 2020 catalog of 45 pages, you will find everything you need for navigation, float-tubes, special float-tube waders and accessories. Created in 1995, this French company located in Bordeaux is an essential element in the field of the creation and distribution of fishing equipment intended for all modern and active techniques.

With the SEVEN BASS 2020 catalog, more than 30 models of float tubes, spread over more than 60 different references that will bring you a breath of fresh air reminding you that there is nothing more important than your passion.

Find all the Seven Bass 2020 catalog here

Shimano 2020 Catalog

Catalogue Shimano 2020

Shimano rods and reels have been made with the best materials and are designed to guarantee you durability and reliability.

The pleasure of feeling the wind brushing our skin, the sun piercing between the trees and the silhouette of the waves covering the ocean have won the hearts of men. This is why Shimano is now looking to become a company that provokes these kinds of moments and emotions.

Every day, Shimano continues to help people make their dreams come true, to create new lifestyles that allow them to live closer to nature and to share precious moments with everyone.
Find the entire Shimano 2020 catalog here

Smith Catalog 2020

Catalogue Smith 2020

In this Smith 2020 catalog, you will discover new products, the majority of which will be in stock when you read these lines. For example the ADUSTA range, the new SMITH pliers designed for a large panel
users, the Ghost Buster CWC allowing jerk fishing up to 5 meters, but also the FISH ARROW 7 ”soft lures… and much more.
For the first time, an additional fishing catalog is planned for early 2020 as well as a flyer dedicated to “Area” fishing in order to bring you up to date with the latest Smith innovations.

Find the entire Smith 2020 catalog here

Ultimate Fishing Catalog 2020

Catalogue Ultimate Fishing 2020

Based in Brittany at Belle Ile en Mer, Ultimate Fishing is a French company specializing in the development and import of lure fishing equipment. Ultimate Fishing is the distributor of renowned brands to European fishing shops like: Tenryu / Megabass / Decoy / Sawamura / Duo / Tackle House / Meiho / YGK / Gan Craft / Zip Baits / Zenith / Madness / Halco / Xorus / Vagabond / Tropic Clinic / Hill Climb / River Stream / Nikko / Sumizoku / Wiley X / Grundens / Musto / Fish Tornado / A Band Of Anglers / LedLenser / Leatherman. Ultimate Fishing works mainly with Japanese brands from which the brand selects or develops fishing equipment for European fishermen.

Find the entire Ultimate Fishing 2020 catalog here

VMC 2020 Catalog

Catalogue VMC 2020

All the vmc® know-how in exceptional hooks. VMC® triples have always been 100% made in France. VMC is the guarantee of an excellent, durable sharpness and endowed with an irreproachable finish to arm your favorite lures.

An optimum level of corrosion resistance exists for every fishing application. Trust VMC® coatings to protect the sharpness, strength and finish of your hooks. A large choice of coatings for an effective solution adapted to each fishing situation.

Find all the VMC 2020 catalog here

Volkien Soul Catalog 2020

Catalogue Volkien Soul 2020

Volkien Soul is a trademark of SOCIETE CLEE. This brand has its roots in the Scandinavian fjords and forests.
Like its uncompromising regions, but where nature reigns supreme, Volkien Soul will not disappoint you. Bringing you unrivaled value for money, it is the rising brand for all active and technical predator fishing, in fresh water of course, but also at sea. Volkien Soul brings you the essence of the products you need, leaving the superfluous and the unnecessary aside.

Find the entire Volkien Soul 2020 catalog here

Way of Fishing Catalog 2020

Catalogue Way Of Fishing 2020

Fishing is for Way Of Fishing an art, practicing it requires mastering a technique. Their conception of fishing is to favor a particular technique. WAY OF FISHING means "way of fishing" in English, to take a fish with the way is resolutely to take it with lures. Surface fishing is the one that gives us the strongest sensations but fishing with jigs, hardbaits and soft lures excites them just as much. With the Way of Fishing 2020 catalog, the brand selects the best without the criterion of cost being taken into account.
WOF wishes to give fishing the image of an extreme sport, a physical and technical sport that respects the environment.
Find the entire Way Of Fishing 2020 catalog here

Yamashita Catalog 2020

Catalogue Yamashita 2020

YAMASHITA is the brand of the YAMARIA CORP dedicated to the world of cephalopods.
Created in 1941 by m. Kusataro Yamashita, this Japanese company located in Yokohama is one of the oldest in the market with its 78 years of experience. Thanks to its Japanese production plant in Yokosuka, and its assembly plant in Dalian, the YAMASHITA brand offers jigs with the highest quality standards on the market.
global. YAMASHITA is truly a pioneer brand in terms of research and development concerning jigs.
It's not for nothing that YAMASHITA is number 1 in the world in terms of Eging!

Find the entire Yamashita 2020 catalog here

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