Fishing opening 2021: all dates by species

Theopening of fishing 2021 is THE date that every fisherman expects in order to start a new fishing season. Whether it is for the opening of pike fishing or the opening of trout fishing, it should however be noted that the opening of fishing obeys important rules to follow. Discover all the dates and rules for this opening of the 2021 fishery.

Ouverture de la pêche 2021 : toutes les dates par espèce

First, it is important to note that two categories of watercourses exist in France. 1st category waters and 2nd category waters.These categories depend on the opening dates for trout fishing or predator fishing.

Difference between 1st and 2nd category waters

A 1st category watercourse is a watercourse that is mainly composed of salmonids. Trout, arctic char, grayling, huchen or even salmon are part of this species of fish.
This type of watercourse is commonly called " trout river »As this is often the dominant species.

Conversely, a 2nd category watercourse  is a course which mainly consists of cyprinids, known as “white fish”. Roach, bleak, carp, asp or chub are part of this family. For these white fish, there is no opening period for fishing in 2021, no closing period. However, these rivers are also made up of predatory fish such as the pikepike perch, black bass, perch or the catfish, fish for which a period of opening and closing of fishing does exist.

Ouverture de la pêche 2021

The opening dates of the fishery take into account the reproduction cycles of certain species of fish, or the spawning period. Failure to respect these reproduction periods during the closure of the fishery exposes you to financial penalties.


LThe opening dates for the fishery indicated below may be adapted locally. We therefore invite you to get information from an AAPPMA in your department. This will allow you to know the exact dates of opening and closing of the 2021 fishery applicable at your house.

Ouverture de la pêche à la truite 2021

Opening of trout fishing 2021

The opening of trout fishing always corresponds to the first opening of the year.

In 1st category, the opening of trout fishing begins on Saturday March 13, 2021, i.e. 2nd Saturday of March.

The closure of the 2021 trout fishery will take place on Sunday, September 19, 2021, be the third Sunday in September.

Opening of pike fishing 2021

The opening of the 2021 pike fishery represents the second largest date in a fisherman's calendar. In 2nd category, the opening of pike fishing in 2021 begins on April 24, 2021. The closure of the 2021 pike fishery is January 30, 2022, or the last Sunday in January.

Ouverture de la pêche au brochet 2021

On a national level, it should be noted that the other predators (pike perch, perch, catfish and black-bass) are not “supposed” to be protected by a period of opening or closing of fishing in 2021. These can be fished throughout the year. year on condition of not using fishing techniques likely to catch pike during the closed season. Worm fishing, for example, is authorized in this specific case.

Note, however, that more and more federations are taking measures to protect predators at the local level. They propose opening and closing dates for fishing that are different from national dates depending on the reproduction periods of the different fish.

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It is therefore advisable to get information from the AAPPMA closest to your department.

Opening of the grayling fishery 2021

The opening of the grayling fishery in 2021 begins on May 15 and ends September 19, 2021 in 1st category. In the 2nd category, the opening and closing periods of the common shade in 2021 range from May 15, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Opening of fishing in 2021 for other species

The salmonid fishery opens up Saturday 13 March 2021 to Sunday 19 September 2021 included in 2nd category waters.

Ouverture peche 2021

Regarding eel and migratory fish (Atlantic salmon, large shad, shad, sea lamprey, river lamprey and sea trout), specific fishing provisions exist at the local level.

You should therefore contact your nearest AAPPMA in order to know all the details regarding the exact dates applicable to these species.

When can we fish? Legal hours for fishing

For those who are wondering until what time fishing is allowed, the law should be clarified. We can fish a half an hour before sunrise and an half an hour after going to bed.

The prefect may however locally authorize night fishing for certain species such as carp.

Summary of fishing opening dates and catch sizes at national level *

Dates d'ouverture de la pêche 2021 : Récapitulatif des dates d'ouverture de la pêche et tailles de capture au niveau national

* Numerous exemptions exist on the opening dates of fishing and the size of the catch. For example, there is no closure of fishing in Aveyron but rather the establishment of reserves on the breeding grounds of predators.

Please check with your AAPPMA.

Fishing opening dates 2021

  • March 13, 2021 : Opening of trout fishing in 1st category
  • April 24, 2021 : Opening of pike fishing
  • April 24, 2021 :Opening of pike-perch fishing 
  • May 15 2021 : Opening of the grayling fishery
  • April 24, 2021 : Opening of black bass fishing

Fishing closure dates 2021

  • September 19, 2021 : Closure of 1st category trout fishing
  • January 30 2022 : Closure of pike fishing 
  • September 19 2021 : Closure of the grayling fishery
  • January 30 2022 : Closure of pike-perch fishing
  • January 30 2022 : Fishing closure black-bass

Legal catch sizes 2021

  • 30 cm for trout
  • 60 cm for pike
  • 50 cm for pike-perch
  • 30 cm for the black-bass
  • 30cm for common shade
Tailles légales de capture 2021

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