FG knot: make a perfect FG knot

The FG knot or Fine Grip knot is one of the most used knots for large predator fishing, whether at sea in exo or in fresh water for catfish or pike. Although complex to achieve, let's see why the FG knot has become one of the best connection knots for connecting the braid to a fluorocarbon leader. or nylon.

Advantages of the FG knot

According to us, the FG knot has two big advantages:

- It is endowed with foolproof strength thanks to the mechanical resistance between braid and fluorocarbon.

- It is very smooth and therefore offers less loss of resistance than a traditional knot.

Therefore, the FG knot is considered today as the most effective knot in exotic fishing. Little by little, it spread to our territory for catfish and pike lure fishing.

Its strength as well as its ability to pass through the rings of the rod with little friction make it possible to attack any type of predatory fish, while allowing the use of long fluorocarcone or nylon leaders.

Disadvantages of the FG knot

Although strong and smooth, the FG knot is both long and complex to knot. We therefore advise you to tie this knot at home before any fishing session.

A big point of attention of the FG knot is to manage to maintain the tension of the braid and of the fluorocarbon or nylon during the different stages.

Tie the FG knot: tutorial in pictures

  1. Wrap the braid around the index finger then the little finger making a bridge. Make enough turns on each finger so that the braid does not slip.
Noeud FG étape 1

2. Pass the fluorocarbon through the bridge formed between the fingers. Make a U-turn with the wrist and pass the fluorocarbon again through the bridge formed between the fingers.

Noeud FG étape 2

3. Repeat the operation 10 to 20 times, alternating back and forth until the braid no longer slips on the fluorocarbon. Be sure to keep a constant tension during this operation.

Noeud FG étape 3

4. With the remaining braid, make several loops around the fluorocarbon to tighten the FG knot.

5. Make a knot around the fluorocarbon with the braid and tighten everything to wedge the knot.

Noeud FG étape 4

6. Cut the fluorocarbon, keeping a surplus

7. Make about 10 loops around the braid

8. Take a lighter and burn the excess fluorocarbon.

Noeud FG étape 5

Tie the FG knot: video tutorial

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