Jean-François Lecomte, fishing guide in Limousin

Discover the portrait of Jean-François Lecomte, fishing guide in Limousin and particularly on Lake Vassivière. Jean-François specializes in tracking predators with lures.

Jean-François, guide de pêche

Hello Jean-François, first of all, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jean-François Lecomte, 42 years old, I have been practicing fishing guide instructor almost full time for 8 years.

During the less busy months (January, February, March), I continue to work in the fishing industry as a salesperson with various local retailers as needed.

I live in Haute Vienne near Limoges, a rich and varied department from a hydrographic point of view. But it is mainly on the dams that I perform my services.

I also like to make a few trips abroad, especially to Spain and Sweden.

Where did your passion for fishing come from?

As for many, this passion started in the family with a stick. She continued with her friends during the school holidays along the Creuse rivers in search of chub and trout. And then came the time for carp fishing.

Jean-François, guide de pêche dans le Limousin

I think that's really where I knew I had this "virus". Difficult to think of anything else, between each session preparing for the next.

Do you have a favorite fish?

I love to catch all fish, regardless of species. They all have specificities that make them interesting. Taking a touch of pike perch vertically is still very nice. Being stopped by a shad by a pike is a unique feeling and we could go on for a long time. Difficult to make a choice and close on a single species.

What fishing techniques do you teach and in which region (s) in particular?

I travel on the dams of Haute Vienne and Creuse. My favorite lake is undoubtedly Vassivière where I offer days or half a day of lure fishing by boat.


Depending on the level of the fishermen, their wishes and the season, we define the program for the day, which can range from vertical pike-perch fishing, linear pike fishing to surface lure fishing.

We create with the fishermen their tailor-made, technical or specific species research day. Everything is possible.

The advantage of being on the water very regularly is to be able to orient the content according to the fishing conditions of the moment.

I also organize with Karl Courgnaud, a local guide, fishing courses for young fishermen with the theme of predator fishing with lures, for the program 5 days of boat fishing and float tube in small groups (maximum 4 young people) .

Could you tell us a little more about Limousin and Lake Vassivière. What do you think makes these places so special?

Limousin is a water country where fishing culture is very present. We are fortunate to have a dense and varied hydrographic network, 11,000 km of 1st category river where we find the emblematic species Salmo trutta, 700km of 2nd category river and many dam lakes.

Jean-François Lecomte, guide de pêche

Buttress of the Massif Central, the wooded and green landscapes associated with a relatively low demography make it at least for me a peaceful and easy-going place.

In this set of lakes, Vassivière is the largest with almost 1000ha. A setting worthy of our Canadian friends, a present calm where unspoiled nature seems to have reclaimed its rights and with many fish, what could be better?

This lake, I have been practicing it for a few years now without really getting tired, each season, a different lake, fish that deserve all the same but with nice dresses.

Jean-François Lecomte, guide de pêche

The Aquitaine region, the Syndicat du lac as well as the federations of Creuse and Haute Vienne are working for the development of leisure and fishing tourism on the lake through significant actions (installation of artificial reefs, qualification of accommodation, etc. ) something to be happy about for years to come.

Why did you originally choose to do this job?

Holder of a BTA in wildlife management and a BTS in nature management and protection, I first turned towards a profession related to the environment and animation.

For 8 years, I held the position of animal manager in an animal park themed on the wolf, nothing to do with fishing!

A professional transfer of my wife was the opportunity for me to choose a reorientation.

Having learned about the training from friends, I joined the national training center for fishing professions in Ahun.

Jean-François Lecomte, guide de pêche

What do you like most about guiding today?

The sharing

This word represents a lot of things, sharing experiences, sharing knowledge, sharing emotions, sharing a moment of life and sharing values.

What qualities do you think are required to be a good guide?

It all depends on what definition everyone can have of a good guide.

For me, a good guide is above all a very good teacher, able to pass on his skills.

He is a reassuring, cheerful person, the fishermen who take on the services of a guide also come to have a pleasant time in complete safety.

Jean-François Lecomte, guide de pêche

In-depth knowledge of the fishing sectors is essential and often requires a lot of prospecting time.

It also takes courage, like any entrepreneur and also a golden woman.

How do you see the profession of fishing instructor-guide evolving in the future?

It is a profession that is beginning to be recognized, fishermen are increasingly aware that calling on the services of a guide makes it possible to progress faster but also to discover certain sectors more quickly.

The content of training improves each year, it may be necessary to make a more drastic selection in the future to avoid shattering the hopes of some.

You should still be aware that living solely from this activity is very complicated and requires a few years of experience.

Jean-François Lecomte, guide de pêche

Future projects you would like to tell us about (new guidance services, competition, association, other?)

A company lives thanks to its projects, a service on small dams with only one fisherman is being studied with already some positive prospections.

I had to go in June to prospect for a new sector in Sweden, unfortunately trip canceled with the covid, eager to be able to leave.

And other surprises that will happen later ...

Encore un beau sandre pour Jean-François

An anecdote to tell us about a fishing guide?

When we are on the water very regularly, there are bound to be anecdotes, the latest one, drifting quietly with 2 fishermen looking for pike in linear, we hear a plane approaching but we do not pay more attention to the roar, surprise when we see a seaplane land not far from us, surprising.

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