Anthony Manson-Caron, fishing guide from the Creuse to Ireland

Discover the portrait of Anthony Manson-Caron, fishing guide instructor from the Creuse to Ireland and specialist in predator fishing with lures.

Anthony Manson-Caron, guide de pêche de la Creuse à l'Irlande

Hello Anthony, firstly can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! Yes with pleasure!

My name is Anthony MANSON-CARON, I was born in October 1994 in Sainte Colombe in 69. Passionate about motor sports, I started enduro at the age of 15. At the same time, I did a professional baccalaureate in motorcycle mechanics. After obtaining my diploma, I had the chance to join a major brand of prestigious American motorcycles.

A few years later, I decided to make a professional retraining, and to carry out a BPJEPS fishing guide instructor at the National Center for Training in Fishing Professions in Ahun in the Creuse.

Where does your passion for fishing come from?

I have always been attracted to water, the outside world, flora and fauna, and that since my youngest age. It was approximately during my teenage years that I discovered lure fishing. This is where this passion was born, allowing me to satisfy my thirst for adventure, and my love for nature.

Being outside, by the water and enjoying the little simple things in life.

What does fishing mean to you today?

Fishing means a lot to me, at one point in my life it was my “lifeline”. I owe him a lot. She is my passion, my life.

Do you have a favorite fish?

I love all predators! but I have a special interest in pike. It is a fish that inspires me a lot. However, I like the perch just as much, which is an interesting species in the art.

Anthony Manson-Caron en Irlande en pêche du brochet

For those who have never been to pike fishing in Ireland, could you tell us a little more about this destination? What do you think makes these places exceptional?

Ireland remains in my opinion a flagship destination for pike fishing enthusiasts. The fish population is very large, which makes it a popular destination for many French fishermen.

Concerning the place, and more particularly my sector of activity, I find it interesting to be able to benefit from these three systems of aquatic environments and therefore, to be able to juggle between rivers, small closed lakes and large lakes. The territory offers many possibilities for fishing, whether from shore, float, boat or even boat. There is something for every taste.

Why did you choose to do this job?

For a better development between personal and professional life.

What qualities do you think are required to be a good fishing guide?

In my opinion, I think that a good guide is above all an actor for the environment and the aquatic environment, he must transmit the right gestures, the right attitudes in the respect of flora and fauna species.

Anthony en compagnie de Damien Toussaint

He must be able to bring and share his experience while demonstrating a great capacity for adaptation, in terms of practice while remaining attentive to his client.

Share and transmit while remaining humble ...

Do you have any future projects you would like to tell us about? (sponsors, trips, services etc.)

I have a lot of projects, always on services abroad of course. In addition, it is very likely that I will acquire a boat for 2021, an essential tool that will allow me to carry out scouting sessions… To be continued!

An anecdote to tell us about a guide?

Yes indeed! And I think this one should make you smile ...

This happened during my very first trip to Swedish Lapland. During a drift on a very shallow edge, aquatic vegetation wrapped around the propeller of the electric motor (this is located at the rear of the boat).

While I was busy removing this herbarium salad, my client suddenly lost his balance trying to grab his gourd and he found himself in the water! Fortunately, this shallow area was really not deep and the water level was below her waist. I was very scared at the beginning, the time to understand and realize what had just happened but in the end we both laughed a lot.

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Pêche du brochet en Irlande avec Anthony Manson-Caron

Pike fishing in Ireland with Anthony Manson-Caron:

Have you ever had the chance to do a week of pike fishing in Ireland from a real Irish boat?

The Irish boat is a local boat, with a very nice look that allows you to move around and access the pike fishing spots. It is a very spacious boat where you can take material in quantity.


Pêche du brochet en Irlande en float-tube avec Anthony Manson-Caron

Pike fishing in Ireland by float-tube with Anthony Manson-Caron:

Come and experience pike fishing in Ireland on a floatube around County Cavan. Have you ever thought about taking a floatube fishing trip? This boat allows you to fish spots that are inaccessible from the shore. Perfect for Irish Lakes, as many of these bodies of water have no boat launches.


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