Fishing book: our selection of the best books dedicated to fishing

The holiday season is approaching. The opportunity to think of gift ideas to please those around you and yourself. In this area, fishing books abound and a long literary tradition has been established for a very long time around this leisure sport. To have read some by the fireside or during a trip, here is a selection of the best books dedicated to fishing. 

Fishing on the EdgeFishing on the Edge by Mike Iaconnelli

Mike Iaconelli is one of the most emblematic figures of fishing in the United States to the point of having completely upset the rules. In Fishing on the Edge, Mike Iaconelli reveals to us the secrets of his extraordinary success: how he developed his “power fishing” style, what is his approach to the water's edge, how he positions his boat and perseveres when the bass doesn't. are not biters. This fishing book is an intensive, informative and often striking journey through the life of a fiery young man who dedicated his life to fishing and who took the sport to a whole new level. It is the gripping story of a man who carefully prepared each step of his success, kept notes on all of his fish, and executed the perfect plan to reach the top. A beautiful story, even if you are not a fisherman. 

La rivière du sixième jour par Norman McLeanThe River of the Sixth Day by Norman McLean

Everyone knows the movie And Through It Runs A River, but few people know the book from which it is taken. And rightly so. It is often difficult to "fit" into a book that has been previously adapted for cinema. Especially when the film is of a quality, like Redford's, but we recommend it.

This fishing book which tells us about the relationship between Norman Maclean, the narrator and his brother at the turn of frenzied fly fishing parties between the two brothers. We are irremediably attached to this authentic love and we share their many differences which separate them as well as bring them together.

Le Long Silence par Thomas McGuaneThe Long Silence by Thomas McGuane

What if the secret of happiness lay in a few lonely escapes along the most beautiful rivers in the world? If the world finally found its meaning while armed with its fishing rod, we try for the thousandth time the perfect cast?

With this autobiographical story, Thomas McGuane opens the door to a childhood and a life spent in contact with nature and invites us to savor the richness of the world around us.

A fishing book that is both moving and overwhelming, as we can recognize ourselves in his testimony as a fisherman.

Life According to Gus Orviston by David James DuncanLa vie selon Gus Orviston

Life According to Gus Orviston (The River Why) is an imaginary autobiographical fishing book of a young fly fishing prodigy and the conflicted relationships of his parents, two fanatic fishermen in total disagreement on how to trap and catch a fish. Manual of trout fishing, philosophical tale, love story, funny and caustic educational novel, the book is all of these at the same time.

A masterpiece that every fisherman should read at least once in his life.

In the middle of a storm by Sebastian Junger

For a fisherman who fishes only for recreational purposes, it is often easy to overlook the fact that there are also many people on this planet who fish for a living. In the Middle of a Storm is one of the most famous accounts of this commercial fishery, telling the story of the Andrea Gail, a commercial swordfish vessel operated in Gloucester, Massachusetts. During the month of October 1991, Andrea Gail was caught in what meteorologists have described as "the storm of the century".

Exciting, terrible, terrifying. The American journalist Sebastian Junger investigated for more than two years among the swordfish fishermen of Gloucester, among the coast guards, the rescuers, of those who survived this terrible hurricane.

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