Fishing video: The selection of the most beautiful videos for the month of June

Discover our selection of the most beautiful fishing videos that circulated on the web in June. Fishing trips, teasers, reports, advertisements,… Each month its fishing video.

CAPTAIN - Fly Fishing Exploratory into wild Cameroon

Imagine a fish so big that the locals call it the river elephant. In this breathtaking video, follow a group of fly fishermen to this very special oasis of Cameroon and witness an explosion of life, where the ultimate goal is to help protect through fishing tourism. fly this mythical species that is the captain.

PENN | It's about the battle

Once again, our friends at LIVITFILMS are doing it again for PENN. A unique universe for images that we repeat over and over again. Not much to say ... Just take a look.

Polarity - Chip Kalback

Fly fishing can be as exciting as it is humiliating, as painful as it is addicting. In the words of Alan Watts, “life is not a conflict between opposites, but a polarity”.

Big Land

4 friends embark on the adventure of a lifetime in search of wild nature rarely found in the urban sprawl of the Anthropocene. In an effort to better understand America's first sport fish and the East Coast's only native trout, filmmakers Chase and Aimee Bartee lead a canoe expedition through North America's last great uncharted frontier; Labrador. There is only one problem, they have never even paddled a canoe.

Trout Season - Going Nocturnal

In northern Michigan, in the heat of summer, it is only after sunset that the water comes to life. The most incredible time of the season is the annual bloom of the giant mayfly hexagenia limbata. Discover through this fishing video how night fishing makes perfect sense.

The Southlands - Loop Media

The Southlands is a short film about the professional guide LOOP Rafael Gonzalez of Magallanes Fly Fishing In Southern Patagonia. The film highlights the countless fishing possibilities Rafa offers in Chile's vast Magallanes region.

Wide Open - Capture crew

Anglers Mark Martin and Alex Beck embarked on an adventure in Mark's waters off the coast of San Diego, California in search of yellowfin and bluefin tuna. Join them on their adventure of howling reels, bending rods, beating hearts to see if tuna can truly claim the title of the hardest fish to catch in the sea.

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