Fishing video: The selection of the most beautiful videos for the month of September

Discover our selection of the most beautiful fishing videos that circulated on the web in September. Fishing trips, teasers, reports, advertisements,… Each month its fishing video.

Extremadura Monsters the Movie by Escape Feeling


In this video, Escape Feeling shares with us more than 6 minutes of film when they come to Spain with the guides ofExtremadura Monsters.

A unique sport fishing trip, a striking human adventure and beautiful images, this is what Escape Feeling and Extremadura Monsters offer you in this breathtaking video.

Learn more about Extremadura Monsters

Masse Fishing - Haute-Marne fishing guide


Bertrand Masse, Haute-Marne fishing guide, recurrence with this new promo video of its guiding activity. Accommodation, flies, lures, trout, grayling or predators, rivers or lakes, that's all you can expect if you decide to come and visit Bertrand!

Learn more about Bertrand

Dragon Valley - A fishing video by Phillip Noss

Philipp Noss is a true gentleman of nature. He enjoys living in the mountains, spending time in remote places and spending his days alone in his thoughts and fishing. It is this passionate life that Dragon Valley tells us.

Trout from the flow country by Loop Media

Another sacred video signed by the team Loop which takes us this time to the Highlands of Scotland in search of wild summer trout. A unique experience that Loop Media makes us discover

Carter Andrews by YETI 

We had missed this fishing video for over a year. This is now rectified. And what to say… This new signed video YETI will have left us speechless.

A film telling the story of a meeting, a story of love and friendship between Carter Andrews and this king of the oceans. This video is a poem, a declaration of love for this fish that turns the heads of so many fishermen.

We could only put it in the fishing videos for September.

Back to the source by Focus On the Fly Media 

Trailer of the Salar project, this documentary film by Focus On The Fly Media traces the biological cycle of the Atlantic salmon in the rivers of northern Spain, the southernmost population of this species.

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