Fishing video: The selection of the most beautiful videos of the month of February

Discover our selection of the most beautiful fishing videos that circulated on the web in February. Fishing trips, teasers, reports, advertisements,… Each month its fishing video.

Jurassic Lake by Capt Jack Productions

Have you ever heard of “Jurassic Lake”? There is no freshwater system anywhere in the world that compares to this 63 km2 lake. Here, the trout have found an ideal system to live and grow in a few years and until they reach exceptional sizes. Follow in this fishing video Captain Jack Production in search of the monsters of this mythical lake of Patagonia.

Huk | Brent Ehrler from LIVITFILMS 

Huk presents his Portrait series in which all of his Pro staff intervene in breathtaking teasers!
Discover Brent Ehrler, pro angler of the team here Huk.

Grundens | Panama Trailer from LIVITFILMS

Breathtaking images for a high quality fishing video. Discover this gripping trailer signed LIVITFILMS which takes us on a fishing trip to Panama, considered one of the most beautiful fishing destinations in the world.

Gigas of Fly Fishing Nation

The search for one of the largest freshwater fly fish is often a fishery of ups and downs. Discover the latest project of Fly Fishing Nation which takes us to the heart of the Amazon in search of a muythic fish from these waters: the Arapaima Gigas.

This fishing video will be shown in full version at the RISE Film Festival as well as the International Flyfishing Festival - IF4. We look forward !

Q Promo: Hooké Loop Tackle

The team Hooké is on a closing break at the moment. To pass the time, they decided to release their latest video rushes by highlighting Atlantic salmon. The season begins in Canada in just over 100 days and it's already time to prepare. Here is a video that will make you want to throw a fly in their beautiful rivers.


Huk | Rob's Guide Service from LIVITFILMS 

Huk presents his Portrait series in which all of his Pro staff intervene in breathtaking teasers!
Discover here Rob, professional fishing guide in North Carolina and member of the team Huk. A short presentation, but what a presentation!

Atlantic Steelhead from Fly Fishing Nation

The Santa Cruz River, located in the middle of the immense plains of Patagonia, offers one of the largest fishing trips on the planet dedicated to fishing for Steehead trout. The Steelhead has often been considered one of the most difficult migratory fish to control. The Santa Cruz specimens are no exception. This fish can reach over 20 lbs here and will put your equipment to the test. Fishing for these fish is an exceptional experience as much as the magnificence of the river and the landscape. This is what offers us to discover Fly Fishing Nation in this fishing video.

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