Fishing video: The selection of the most beautiful videos of the month of April

Discover our selection of the most beautiful fishing videos that circulated on the web in April. Fishing trips, teasers, reports, advertisements,… Each month its fishing video.

Relentless Pursuit - The Fly Fishing Film Tour

Captain Jack Productions founder Jako Lucas is well known for going on crazy adventures all over the world in hopes of introducing his fly fishing community to completely unknown new spots or new species of fish. This is what drives him to constantly explore the unexplored waters of the globe. It is in this spirit that Jako spent 2019 traveling more than 200,000 km exploring the most remote corners of Cameroon to the Amazon jungle. Through this signed fishing video Fly Fishing Tour, join Jako in his latest adventures.


Definitely, PENN and LIVITFILMS do not stop surprising this year. Evidenced by this last fishing video where the fisherman but especially the fish are in the spotlight.


MCS WORLDWIDE FISHING & SPEARFISHING TIPS present us a short film from the wildest coast of East Africa to Madagascar. A place so remote that it is practically inaccessible 9 months a year. Through this fishing video, come and live an extraordinary experience.


A simply breathtaking series of films, again from our friends at LIVITFILMS for PENN. A unique universe for images that we repeat over and over again. Not much to say ... Just take a look.

Jungle Golden Dorado - Pointer Fly Fishing

Pointer Fly Fishing gives us a new perspective on fly fishing. Discover a new type of experience in search of dorado in the middle of the Latin American jungle.


What to say… This promo video signed LIVITFILMS for ABU Garcia is simply amazing. A teaser that rarely makes you want to try this mill!

Fishing Colombia - Marcel Cabrera Salvat

Colombia has everything you can expect in terms of exo fishing: a wild and pristine Pacific coast and a mess of fish. A sea full of life and fertile landscapes that blend into the water. Images that make you feel the joys of exo fishing.

Atlantic Salmon Reserve - Fly Fishing Russia - Fly Fishing Nation

The Atlantic Salmon Reserve (ASR) is the world's premier conservation area for Atlantic salmon, sea trout, brown trout and arctic char. The main objective is to support and develop fishing in this area, while preserving and protecting this untouched and uninhabited wilderness for the benefit of future generations. Discover images of rare beauty

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