Fishing in Guadeloupe: Story of our 6th day of fishing

You want discover fishing in Guadeloupe ? We We wanted to share with you our experience during this sixth day of our fishing trip in Guadeloupe with Julien Audonnet and Scarna Fishing for a session in the river.

pêche en guadeloupe mulet de montagne

A new fishing session in Guadeloupe… in the river

We leave with Scarna fishing, and our partner guide, Julien Audonnet, for a freshwater fishing trip in the Guadeloupe mountains. The trip will be done in 4X4 because the path is absolutely impractical for ordinary cars. Julien's Range Rover is an essential tool to access this river.

The climate is much more humid here in this lush jungle, the water flowing along the slippery rocks is limpid and crystalline. A wonderful setting for freshwater fishing in Guadeloupe.

We will try to capture the two new species of fish present in this river:
-the mountain mullet (agonostomus monticola)
-the sleeper (eleotris amblyopsis)

Ultra-light fishing, similar to that of trout

On Julien's advice, we use ultra light and light rods, which is optimal in relation to the weight of the lures used, between 0.5 and 5gr.
The lures of predilections according to Julien are: the rotating and undulating spoons, the small jerkbaits, and micro soft lures.

mulet de montagne

For mountain mules, we notice that they position themselves in the majority of cases between stones and areas of strong currents! It is therefore necessary to launch your lure upstream to descend faster than the speed of the current. This is the natural behavior of any prey in its waters. This fishing is very similar to that of the trout with lures. It is a fishery that is successful for us because we have a series of catches of varying sizes.

pêche en guadeloupe dormeur

On the other hand, if you prefer to look for sleepers, we recommend that you launch in quiet areas. They stand very close to the bottom without moving a millimeter until their prey passes by, which will trigger a lightning attack. They have a marbled brown coat, a real camouflage, which makes sense for this type of predator.

pêche en guadeloupe mulet de montagne

The fishing over, we all go to the restaurant together to taste local specialties!

scarnafishing rodmaps
pêche en guadeloupe

Discover the fishing trip offers in Guadeloupe:

River fishing in Guadeloupe

come discover river fishing in Guadeloupe, in a unique concept of hiking and fishing. We will cross the jungle and the lush vegetation of Guadeloupe in search of endemic species such as mountain mules or the sleeper. These fish are very reactive to the lure and are hardly ever caught.. This river fishing experience in Guadeloupe will remind you of trout, all in a sumptuous setting.