Aspe lure: 3 essential lures for aspe fishing

Lure fishing for asp is one of the most fun and addicting fishing there is. Sporty and very powerful, the aspe is a fabulous playing partner for lure anglers. However, it turns out to be very unstable and whimsical, hence the choice of a specific asp lure, adapted to the conditions and the mood of this fish. In order to target this fantastic predator, here is a selection of 3 lures essential for fishing for asp.

Credit: Duo International

The asp (Aspius aspius) is a predatory fish of the Cyprinidae family. It lives in European rivers and lakes. Almost elusive in our lure lakes, it unleashes passions in some of our rivers, notably on the Loire or the Rhine. here are the 3 aspe lure families to have according to us in its box as well as some references of lures with which we fish aspe.

The stickbait: The aspe lure par excellence

The stickbait is an asp lure that we particularly like in summer when they are hunting. It can unleash huge attacks on the surface. It's a very visual and adrenaline-packed fishing. The stickbait allows you to very long throws and to attack from a distance these fish which can be very suspicious. We usually select large noisemaker stickbaits for the aspe to make it react and help it better target the lure.

Un stickbait : Le leurre aspe par excellence
Credit: Duo International

We prefer to fish aspe with stickbait in low light. Morning and twilight are the perfect times to try out this fishing technique. In terms of colors, we prefer white, which stands out well in low light. However, do not hesitate to change the colors and sounds of your stickbait. One little detail can make a big difference in this fish.

Here is a selection of 3 stickbaits for aspe :

  • Tiemco Red Pepper
  • Lucky Craft Sammy 100
  • Xorus Asturia 110

Jerkbait: the asp lure for prospecting under the surface

We believe the jerkbait is the ideal asp lure if you fish for asp in rapid prospecting over a large fishing area. This lure is formidable when the asps are posted in the water veins and decide not to go to the surface. Choose large trout jerkbaits that will perfectly withstand the current and sustained recovery speeds. The animation you print on the jerkbait will cause reflex attacks on fish posted not far from the lure. They will stop it in its tracks and promise you enthology fights.

Jerkbait : le leurre aspe pour prospecter sous la surface
Credit: Ultimate Fishing

Here is a selection of 3 jerkbaits for aspe :

  • Duo Riuky 80S
  • Jackson Artist 80
  • Zip Baits Orbit 90 Sp

Casting jig: the aspe lure that can save your day

The casting jig is for us a must in asp lure fishing. It allows reach record distances while offering a quiet action, perfect for finding the most sulky asp. It holds the current perfectly and allows you to prospect different layers of water depending on your animation and the weight of the lure. The aspe jig casting is a decoy that can really save you from a day empty-handed.

The weight will depend on the medium caught and the strength of the current. In general, we opt for weights ranging from 14 g to 30 g and colors with silvery blue, yellow or pink reflections.

Casting jig : leurre aspe
Credit: Sakura Fishing

As for the animation, nothing could be simpler! We advise you to bring back very quickly in a linear fashion. When the fish bite less, you can try to fish by printing small prints on it.

Here is a selection of 3 casting jig for aspe :

The choice of colors 

For all asp lures, we are used to fishing with:

  • From White in low light
  • From natural colors (Ayu, Ghos Minnow, ...) for discretion and for any occasion
  • Some colors fluo to attack if nothing works

The choice of fishing areas

In general, we are used to fishing areas stirred by the current. Asp loves this type of environment and this is where you will get the most spectacular attacks. Do not hesitate to aim for positions where the current is very important. You will be surprised by the ability of this fish to lodge there.

Choix des zones pour pêcher l'aspe

Once the current zone is targeted, focus in particular on the more or less marked spots creating water veins surrounded by calm or counter-currents. Asps are used to stationing themselves at the border to hunt fish carried away by the current. Piers of bridges, dams, rocky areas are perfect places to fix asps.

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