Hugo Gallinaro, trout fishing guide

Discover the portrait of Hugo Gallinaro, fishing guide instructor in the Sète region and specialist in trout fishing, in particular large specimens with lures

Hugo Gallinaro, guide de pêche à la truite

Hello Hugo, classic question in our interviews, could you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Good morning all,

Passionate about tennis and fishing, I first started a professional career in tennis as a player. After 8 years of training, competing in France and abroad, I was finally forced to quit because of a shoulder injury. This stop forced me to change the course of my professional career.

Quite naturally, I turned to the CREPS of Montpellier in order to obtain my DEJEPS TENNIS tennis teacher. I worked in this profession for 4 years. Lover of this sport and competition, I wanted to bring my students to their highest level in order to transmit to them a taste for competition and related values ...

Hugo Gallinaro, guide de pêche à la truite

In September 2018, I decided to take a new turn in my professional career, and to carry out this project which has fascinated me and has been under construction for several years ... to become a fishing guide instructor.

Where does your passion for fishing come from?

Originally from Sète, I have always walked the quays with my maternal grandfather. He very quickly introduced me to the practice of sea fishing and since then this passion has never left me.

What does fishing mean to you today?

Fishing represents for me a moment of escape, of reconnection with nature. During these moments, I am always looking for new techniques to be more efficient in terms of results.

Hugo Gallinaro, guide de pêche à la truite

Do you have a favorite fish?

Obviously, there is one fish that I particularly covet ... the famous trout! I discovered it more than 5 years ago and it never ceases to attract me !!!!!

For those who have never gone fishing on the lower Verdon etc can you tell us more about these rivers? What do you think makes these places exceptional?

These places are totally different, all atypical with their individual beauty… But they have one thing in common: they are home to pretty trout with all different dresses!  

Hugo Gallinaro, guide de pêche à la truite

The Sorgue is a true halieutic paradise. Water tempered at 13 ° all year round which favors an ideal development of the aquatic fauna and the biodiversity present in the river. A magnificent river which is home to a large population of grayling and trout!

The Bas Verdon, at the exit of Lake Esparon is a large river of white pebbles with crystal clear water. This river is sometimes capricious where patience and diligence must be present to hope to catch real trophy fish.

In Spain, varied and splendid rivers, sumptuous scenery make it an exceptional destination for fishing trips. Indeed, the services are individualized and the program is made according to the desires of the customer! We can both fish in small rivers as in large ones, in rivers of plain as in those of high mountain while passing by the lakes of altitude. Everything is possible during stays!

Why did you choose to do this job?

I have always had the chance to do a job related to my passions. Today and always I get up in the morning to go to work without really feeling it because I go to work with a smile, the desire to share strong moments with clients and pass on my passion!  

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What qualities do you think are required to be a good fishing guide?

I think that a good fishing guide must first of all have a certain mastery of his subject. He cannot guide if he has no knowledge of the environment, fishing techniques… Then, in addition to his knowledge, he must know how to transmit it. Find the right words to explain and advise. Finally, he must be patient because the trophy can take a long time to bite the hook.  

Do you have any future plans?  

I am starting my first season as a fishing guide instructor. I initially focused on river guidance. I suggest three places that I particularly affect: Sorgue, Lower Verdon and Spain, but in the future, I would like to expand on guiding at sea, to go back to basics!

Hugo Gallinaro, guide de pêche à la truite

An anecdote to tell us about a guide?

I was in Spain with my stepfather. The objective of the day was to make him catch his first trout of + 50cm. After several attempts, he sets up a fish of around 30cm !!!! But now when you put it in the net, a second trout seizes it !! Luckily, the two fish are found in the landing net… VERDICT… A first 32 cm trout and a second (a real trophy for step-dad) a 77cm trout! A moment of euphoria and joy that we will never forget.

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At the exit of Lake Esparon, come discover trout fishing in Bas Verdon, a sublime river surrounded by a lunar landscape of white pebbles. The Bas Verdon which attracts each year the most seasoned fishermen in search of big trout that inhabit this river. The latter will also allow you to use a large number of fishing techniques to capture the famous brown trout.


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I suggest you discover the grayling toc to the nymph on the mythical Sorgue, whose beauty and change of scenery will not leave you indifferent! Nymph fishing is a fishing technique democratized by Laurent Jauffret. This is a simple and fun grayling and trout fishing technique that is affordable for all levels. This technique is ideal for capture the magnificent common shadows inhabiting the pits of the Sorgue, in summer.


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