Damien Toussaint, trout fishing guide

Discover the portrait of Damien Toussaint, fishing guide instructor in the Saint-Lary region in the Pyrenees and specialist in trout fishing.

Damien Toussaint, guide de pêche à la truite

Hello Damien, firstly can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Rodmaps team. My name is Damien Toussaint, I am 25 years old and am from Aveyron. But I am now installed in the Pyrenees and more precisely in the Aure valley in Saint Lary Soulan.

I am ski patroller and rescuer in winter and the rest of the year is a fishing guide instructor, graduated from the national center for fishing professions.

Passionate about fishing since my childhood, I spent a lot of time at the water's edge.

Where does your passion for fishing come from?

My parents, passionate about the mountains and more precisely the Pyrenees, made me trudge to the 4 corners of the Pyrenees, always hiking along rivers, streams, and in mountain lakes where we bivouacked. It was then that I had the trigger for trout fishing and my love for the mountains.

Damien Toussaint, guide de pêche à la truite

What does fishing mean to you today?

More than a passion for me, a vocation to transmit with enthusiasm all the finer points of our passion.

Do you have a favorite fish?

Undeniably, the trout!

For those who have never gone fishing for trout in the Pyrenees or in Aragon, could you tell us a little more about these fishing destinations? What do you think makes these places exceptional?

The Hautes-Pyrénées offer a wide choice of fishing spots: lakes and rivers accessible to fishermen of all levels. It is a magnificent region with more than 2,500 km of 1st category rivers, populated with brown trout. In addition, there are more than 220 mountain lakes with brown and rainbow trout, brook salmon, cristivomers and arctic char.

Something to satisfy the most demanding fishermen in a magnificent setting, on authentic sectors both by their crystal clear waters and their environment.

Damien Toussaint, guide de pêche à la truite

Aragon has sumptuous scenery, varied and splendid rivers, native Mediterranean trout with magnificent dresses and make it an exceptional destination for trout fishing trips.

Aragon is also a very pleasant region with often good weather and the landscapes are magical.

Why did you choose to do this job?

Being a federal ski instructor in a ski club, transmitting my passion was something I loved, and it turned out that my 20 years of passion spent at the water's edge resulted in obtaining the Brevet Professional in Youth, Popular Education and Sport, specialty “Fishing Guide Monitor”, at the National Center for Training in Fishing Professions.

Damien Toussaint, guide de pêche

What qualities do you think are required to be a good fishing guide?

  • Know your territory like that pocket
  • Teaching with pedagogy
  • Technical contributions on fishing but also on the aquatic environment
  • In a good mood !

Do you have any future projects you would like to tell us about? (sponsors, trips, services etc ...)

We recently released a video project in June with Scarna Fishing

Then, I would like to develop guidance in the territory of Aragon with predator fishing (pikeperch and bass)

Discover Damien Toussaint's guiding offers:

Pêche au Tenkara dans la vallée du Louron

Tenkara fishing in the Louron valley with Damien Toussaint

Come and discover Tenkara fishing in the Louron valley, a specific region of the Hautes-Pyrénées perfect for tenkara fishing. Tenkara fishing is an ancient fly fishing technique that came to us straight from Japan. This Tenkara technique in the Louron valley will allow young fly fishermen who wish to start catching fish quickly and have their first sensations.


Pêche de la truite en Aragon

Trout fishing in Aragon with Damien Toussaint

Aragon in Spain has sumptuous and completely preserved settings, rivers of all types and splendid and above all native trout of Mediterranean stock with magnificent dresses. It is an exceptional destination for your fishing guides in Aragon in search of these magnificent trout.


Pêche des salmonidés en lac de montagne

Fishing for salmonids in mountain lakes with Damien Toussaint

Eager to discover new mountain lake fishing territory? The salmonid fishing in mountain lakes will transport you to authentic sectors both by their crystal clear waters and their natural setting. I will make you live a unique experience with you to practice salmonid fishing in mountain lakes, for the day or for several days in bivouac.


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